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Dojo 1 - the Dojo 1 toolkit core library.
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_base Updating source version to 1.16.0-pre Feb 16, 2019
cldr Update the short and medium dateFormat descriptors for the ja bundle Nov 30, 2017
data fixes #16218, dojo/data/ObjectStore save function return value Feb 17, 2018
date Fixes #18900 month parsing for locales with spaces in their month nam… Nov 19, 2016
dnd fixes #18986, DnD source prevent text selection when handles are bein… Jun 6, 2017
errors fixes #16547 - CancelError emitted to error console Oct 28, 2016
fx stop using dojo/_base/connect, refs #16585 !strict Jan 17, 2013
io Fixed leak in dojo/io/script. !strict refs #16755 Feb 23, 2013
nls Add Serbian, Bosnian and Macedonian translation. ref #18710 Sep 16, 2015
promise 19102 change dojo/promise/all array verification (#292) Aug 9, 2018
request avoid deepcopy of HTMLFormElements fixes #318 (#344) Feb 13, 2019
router Squashed commit of the following: Jan 2, 2014
rpc refs #17148, fix how dojo/rpc/RpcService handles errors Sep 11, 2015
selector fixes #18843, regression from selector engine compat for query engine… May 16, 2016
store fixes #18898, add timeout option to JsonRest store Feb 9, 2017
tests Fix the IE8 incompatibility in dojo/request/util.deepCopy (#342) Feb 11, 2019
testsDOH Fix potential XSS vulnerability (#307) Aug 10, 2018
.gitignore Convert tests to intern Jan 7, 2015
AdapterRegistry.js Resolve conflicts with html.js Sep 30, 2013 refs #18934, updates for JS Foundation rebrand and CLA process Dec 7, 2016
DeferredList.js Mark !DeferredList as deprecated in the API doc, but don't call dojo.… Jul 18, 2012
NodeList-data.js Don't do an extraneous mixin on the data returned from a single arg c… Apr 10, 2014
NodeList-dom.js Resolve conflicts with html.js Sep 30, 2013
NodeList-html.js Resolve conflicts with html.js Sep 30, 2013
NodeList-traverse.js Resolve conflicts with html.js Sep 30, 2013
NodeList.js trying to fix doc issues around dojo/NodeList, refs #13101 !strict Jul 5, 2012
OpenAjax.js Fix unintended globals and unused variables, thanks Simon, fixes #155… Jul 1, 2012 update stale information in the readme and license (#323) Oct 1, 2018
aspect.js refs #18155, fix aspect nextId when running multiple versions of Dojo… Sep 11, 2015
behavior.js Use domReady() as a function rather than as a plugin, so dependencies… Aug 21, 2012
cookie.js Doc only commit. Simplify kwargs definitions and workaround doc parse… Jul 20, 2012
currency.js Doc only commit. Simplify kwargs definitions and workaround doc parse… Jul 20, 2012
debounce.js fixes #18296, Fix context binding within debounce and throttle Oct 6, 2014
dojo.js fix for 320 (#321) Sep 28, 2018
dojo.profile.js refs #18648, exclude node_modules directory with dojo package for builds Dec 31, 2015
dom-attr.js Fix the IE8 incompatibility in dojo/request/util.deepCopy (#342) Feb 11, 2019
dom-class.js Remove dojo.hasClass from dom-class documentation, refs #17468 Dec 22, 2015
dom-construct.js refs #18225, dom-construct inline documentation update Aug 30, 2014
dom-form.js fixing more malformed doc, refs #13101 !strict Jul 5, 2012
dom-geometry.js fixes #18911, dojo/dom-geometry getContentBox returns incorrect left/… Dec 7, 2016
dom-style.js fixes #18973, resolve cross-domain computed style issue and regression Feb 24, 2017
domReady.js refs #19049, Access global object in strict mode Sep 19, 2017
fx.js fixes #18825, fx animation regression Apr 1, 2016
gears.js dojo core: fix api doc formatting, refs #13101 !strict Jun 24, 2012
has.js refs #19049, Access global object in strict mode Sep 19, 2017
hash.js Fix dojo.hash() when there's a <base> tag. Oct 14, 2015
hccss.js Fail gracefully if there's an error detecting high contrast mode, fix… Jul 10, 2014
html.js Corrects a reference in a deferred error message, fixes #304 (#305) Aug 9, 2018
i18n.js Add localization cache to getLocalization calls (#338) Jan 9, 2019
io-query.js refs #16190, whitespace cleanup in io-query. Sep 11, 2015
json.js Allow empty strings in strict JSON parsing, fixes #16255 !strict Feb 28, 2013
keys.js fix summary, refs #13101. Jul 8, 2012
loadInit.js simplified dojo/require and dojo/loadInit plugins; fixes #14109; !strict Oct 17, 2011
main.js remove vestigial firebug lite code, fixes #18727 Oct 5, 2015
mouse.js fixes #18313, Fix typo in documentation example Oct 15, 2014
node.js Port Node.js loader plugin fixes from d2c Aug 23, 2014
on.js fixes #18895, Prevent changedTouches from being dereferenced on non-T… Feb 15, 2017
package.json Updating source version to 1.16.0-pre Feb 16, 2019
parser.js Switch parser logic to not be confused by Node.rootNode. Apr 13, 2016
query.js Resolve conflicts with html.js Sep 30, 2013
ready.js Fix dojo/ready to not blindly make calls to methods that might not ex… Apr 28, 2013
request.js refs #13101, clean-up docs Aug 24, 2012
require.js simplified dojo/require and dojo/loadInit plugins; fixes #14109; !strict Oct 17, 2011
robot.js Do mousemove timing in javascript, rather than in java. This is getti… Jul 13, 2012
sniff.js fixes #17498, add modern opera has test Dec 26, 2015
string.js fixes #18918 by checking result of transform and not the initial value Nov 11, 2016
tests.js dojo core: fix api doc formatting, refs #13101 !strict Jun 24, 2012
text.js Ensure dojo/text does not cause preflight requests Apr 22, 2014
throttle.js Support debounce/throttle events and on.matches May 10, 2014
topic.js dojo core: fix api doc formatting, refs #13101 !strict Jun 24, 2012
touch.js Fix dojo/touch to not break native checkbox and radio on iOS and Andr… Nov 3, 2015
uacss.js Add dj_edge flag to be consistent w/flags for other browsers. Oct 2, 2015
when.js Revise conditions under which dojo/when creates a promise; fixes #166… Feb 17, 2013


This is the foundation package for the Dojo 1 Toolkit. While still being maintained, new development is primarily focused on modern Dojo.

Checkout the Dojo framework website or if you want a more detailed technical status and overview, checkout the Dojo roadmap.

This package is sometimes referred to as the “core”, it contains the most generally applicable sub-packages and modules. The dojo package covers a wide range of functionality like Ajax, DOM manipulation, class-type programming, events, promises, data stores, drag-and-drop and internationalization libraries.


Installation instructions are available at

Getting Started

If you are starting out with Dojo, the following resources are available to you:

What to Use Dojo For and When to Use It

The following is a brief sampling of some of the areas where Dojo may prove to be the right tool for your next project:

  • For keeping your code fast and maintainable, Dojo offers an asynchronous module definition (AMD) loader -- encapsulating pieces of code into useful units, loading small JavaScript files only when they are needed, and loading files separately even when they are dependent on one another.

  • When you want to easily extend existing classes, share functionality among a number of classes, and maximize code reuse, Dojo provides class-like inheritance and “mixins.”

  • For creating advanced and customizable user interfaces out of refined, efficient, and modular pieces, Dojo’s Dijit framework offers several dozen enterprise-ready widgets -- including buttons, textboxes, form widgets with built-in validation, layout elements, and much more -- along with themes to lend them a consistent look. All of this is available for mobile environments as well.

  • For working with advanced vector graphics, Dojo’s GFX API can render graphics in a wide variety of formats, with support for seamless manipulation (skewing, rotating, resizing), gradients, responding to mouse events, and more.

  • The dojox/charting library supports powerful data visualization and dynamic charting, including a variety of 2D plots and animated charting elements.

  • When you need feature-rich, lightweight, and mobile-friendly grids/tables, Dojo offers the dgrid widget, along with customizable default themes and accompanying features such as in-cell editing, row/cell selection, column resizing/reordering, keyboard handling, pagination, and more.

  • Dojo is the officially supported framework for the ArcGIS API for JavaScript, one of the most widely used enterprise-grade APIs for web mapping and spatial analysis -- learning to use Dojo will open doors to creating richer web mapping applications using that API.

License and Copyright

The Dojo Toolkit (including this package) is dual licensed under BSD 3-Clause and AFL. For more information on the license please see the License Information. The Dojo Toolkit is Copyright (c) 2005-2018, JS Foundation. All rights reserved.

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