Yoga is a cross-platform layout engine which implements Flexbox. Follow for updates.
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davidaurelio and facebook-github-bot Don't call `jni_YGNodeFree` as fast native method

If `jni_YGNodeFree` is called while GC is running, the weak reference table lock is held by the GC, leading to deadlock.

Here, we revert the method to being a regular native method, solving that problem.

Reviewed By: SidharthGuglani

Differential Revision: D14184220

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gradle updated gradle build tool version to 3.1.0 and gradle to 4.6 Feb 12, 2019
java Don't call `jni_YGNodeFree` as fast native method Feb 22, 2019
javascript Expose dirtied func in Javascript bindings (#842) Feb 1, 2019
lib Make Yoga's libfb code to be gcc7 compatible Jan 17, 2019
mode Disable assert code in release builds (define DNDEBUG) Dec 18, 2017
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Yoga builds with buck. Make sure you install buck before contributing to Yoga. Yoga's main implementation is in C, with bindings to supported languages and frameworks. When making changes to Yoga please ensure the changes are also propagated to these bindings when applicable.


For testing we rely on gtest as a submodule. After cloning Yoga run git submodule init followed by git submodule update.

For any changes you make you should ensure that all the tests are passing. In case you make any fixes or additions to the library please also add tests for that change to ensure we don't break anything in the future. Tests are located in the tests directory. Run the tests by executing buck test //:yoga.

Instead of manually writing a test which ensures parity with web implementations of Flexbox you can run gentest/gentest.rb to generate a test for you. You can write html which you want to verify in Yoga, in gentest/fixtures folder, such as the following.

<div id="my_test" style="width: 100px; height: 100px; align-items: center;">
  <div style="width: 50px; height: 50px;"></div>

Run gentest/gentest.rb to generate test code and re-run buck test //:yoga to validate the behavior. One test case will be generated for every root div in the input html.

You may need to install the latest watir-webdriver gem (gem install watir-webdriver) and ChromeDriver to run gentest/gentest.rb Ruby script.


.NET testing is not integrated in buck yet, you might need to set up .NET testing environment. We have a script which to launch C# test on macOS, csharp/tests/Facebook.Yoga/


Benchmarks are located in benchmark/YGBenchmark.c and can be run with buck run //benchmark:benchmark. If you think your change has affected performance please run this before and after your change to validate that nothing has regressed. Benchmarks are run on every commit in CI.


Installing through NPM

npm install yoga-layout

By default this will install the library and try to build for all platforms (node, browser asm, and standalone webpack). You may receive errors if you do not have the required platform development tools already installed. To preset the platform you'd like to build for you can set a .npmrc property first.

npm config set yoga-layout:platform standalone

This will now only run the standalone webpack build upon install.

Build Platforms

name description
all (default) Builds all of these platforms.
browser Builds asm js browser version.
node Builds node js version.
standalone Runs webpack.
none Does nothing. You can use the prepackaged libs.