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Fluentd Docs App

Ultrasimple CMS and content for Fluentd documentation. The production site is here.

If you'd like to propose an edit to the Fluentd docs, please fork this repo and send us a pull request.


$ gem install bundler
$ bundle install --path vendor/bundle
$ bundle exec rake server
$ open "http://localhost:9395/"


$ bundle exec rake test

Build Search Index

$ heroku run rake index


We deploy fluentd-docs by Circle-CI automatically. If you want to deploy it manually, run following command.

$ git push heroku master


When you have updated an article, please update config/last_updated.json too.

$ bundle exec rake last_updated
$ git add config/last_updated.json

Contributing docs for v1

v1 docs are under docs/v1. Currently, most articles are symlinked to the corresponding file in docs/.

  • If you are updating an exiting article. Just replace the symlink with an actual article.
  • If you are adding a new article, just add it under docs/v1.

Once v1 is released, this process will be updated.

INCLUDE pragma

You can use the "INCLUDE pragma" to avoid copy-and-pasting the same content or updates on multiple pages.

The syntax is as follows:

INCLUDE: <filename without extension>

... the rest of the document.

Please remember to include a blank line between "INCLUDE..." and the rest of the document. The docs app will search for <filename>.txt in the docs directory and insert its contents into the current document.

For example, if you write

INCLUDE: _buffer_parameters

... the rest of the document.

then the docs app will insert the contents of _buffer_parameters.txt into the current document.


This program is forked from heroku/heroku-docs, and originally written by @rtomayko and @adamwiggins. Later, modified by @kzk and @doryokujin.

Code is released under the MIT License:

All rights reserved on the content (text files in the docs subdirectory), although you're welcome to modify these for the purpose of suggesting edits.