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Unofficial Google Associate Android Developer (AAD) Certification FAQ
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Frequently asked questions about Google's Associate Android Developer (AAD) Certification.

I have received my certification in May 2017 after finishing the Associate Android Developer Fast Track by Google on Udacity via the EU Android Programmer Path scholarship from Google (Thank you for it!).

Some of the benefits of taking the EU Android Programmer Path scholarship is that you get access to a Slack team where you get direct answers for your questions about the exam.

I want to share these answers here, and I ask you to please contribute to it with your own questions (with Issues) and/or answers (with Pull Requests).

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an official FAQ?

Yes, you can find it on Udacity's website. You will get answer to the following questions:

  • What is the exam?
  • What does the exam cover?
  • What will the exam cost?
  • How does the process work?
  • What happens if I don't complete the exam in 48 hours?
  • Can I retake the exam?
  • ID Verification Troubleshooting (for applicants who have submitted an exam)

Does the Associate Android Developer Fast Track cover everything that can be in the exam?

No, it doesn't! The current version of the Fast Track does not cover some topics of the exam. These topics are testing (especially UI testing) and Gradle. Fortunately, Udacity mentors created additional materials and recommended other sources where you can learn those things.

I finished the Associate Android Developer Fast Track. Is the exam difficult?

If you finish the Fast Track and the additional materials, you will have no trouble. Take some time to review the exam topics to see if you need a refresh in anything.

I started the exam but I got a blank screen. What to do?

Contact the support. It happened with a lot of student. It gets fixed in a few days. It does not count as a failed exam.

Everybody gets the same exam project?

No. There are a pool of projects and you get one randomly.

How long does it take to finish the exam project?

It depends on your knowledge and the project you get. Some projects took some of us to finish in 4 hours. Some projects took 14-18 hours.

I do not have 48 free hours. Can I finish the exam on the afternoons or in one day?

It depends on your knowledge and the project you get. 48 hours are definitely a lots of time to finish the exam, but you can always get something that takes more time that you would expect.

Do you have any recommendations for the exam?

  • Don't panic! :)
  • Try to work more on the first day.
  • Check the questions twice. Sometimes the solution is easier than you think.
  • Do not forget, you must not share the exam project with anyone. If you want to use version control and backup (very clever!), I would recommend Bitbucket with its private repositories and issue tracker. Do not share your code on a public GitHub repository!

Do I have to implement all the tasks they ask from me to pass the exam?


Do I have to add my ID pictures to the exam project zip file?

No. Submit only the exam project, the ID verification will be later (immediately after) the exam submission.

I got a blank screen after verifying my identity. What should I do?

It happened with some of us. If you get an email about the ID verification, you do not have to do anything else.

I submitted the exam project. How long does it take to get a review?

It usually takes 1-10 days.

My project was accepted! What is next?

You need to schedule an exit interview.

What happens on the exit interview?

The interviewer test you to see if you were the one who submitted your exam. You will get some (3-4) questions from the exam, and some (4-5) questions about general android development. The interview is really short, you will should not think of in depth questions. They are quite similar to the questions in the Associate Android Developer Fast Track video questions. The goal is to see if you know about Android development and to test if you submitted the project.

How to prepare to the exit interview?

Read through your exam project on your computer to be able to talk about it.

How long is the exit interview?

Mine was like 5 minutes. You should expect maximum 15 minutes.

My interviewer is late. What to do?

This can happen sometimes, you should wait. Be sure to check the time zones. That made me miss my first interview. I told this on my second interview where the interviewer made a note about it. I did not have to do anything besides that. Be sure you check the time zones. :)

Do you know anybody who failed the exit interview?

No. There were not a single person who failed on our Slack channel (255 student).

I did my exit interview! When will I get the answer?

You should receive it in 1-14 days. Mentors told us that the evaluation committee decides every Thursday. You should expect to get the answer next Friday or Saturday. If there are a lot of submitted exams, it can happen that yours will be reviewed only next week.

Is Associate Android Developer Fast Track worth it?

I think it is. The content is good (especially the first two part from the three), you get mentoring, and access to a moderated forum. The projects (especially the last two) are very similar to the exam. I started it with about zero practical Android knowledge and learnt everything from that.

If you are a seasoned android developer, then the price may not worth it. In that case just go through on the certification topics.

I am taking the exam via the EU Android Programmer Path scholarship from Google. Do I have to finish the Fast Track before I can take the exam?


I am taking the exam via the EU Android Programmer Path scholarship from Google. When can I take the exam?

Anytime until the end of the year (2017).

Do I have to get my AAD certification by 15th of June in order to win one of the 10 Android Nanodegree scholarships?

The official answer is:

Since we got a few questions regarding this topic, here’s a quick update: if a student takes (and passes) the written part of the exam by 15 June, they should be able to complete the exit interview over the following days in time for their name to be included in the June 20 drawing. Be aware that the drawing on June 20 is for students that are fully certified (e.g. exit exam completed and exit exam finished). That means that students should take the exam by the 15th to ensure they have enough time for the exit interview and get all the confirmation from our side. I hope this helps! Good look everyone!

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