Record and playback http requests from your Jest tests
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npm build

Record and playback http requests from your Jest tests



# using npm
npm install --save-dev jest jest-playback

# using yarn
yarn add --dev jest jest-playback

NOTE: This project uses the reporters field, which is available since Jest v20.


Modify your Jest config so that looks something like:


  "scripts": {
    "test": "jest"
  "jest": {
    "reporters": [

If you just want to record requests:

JEST_PLAYBACK_MODE=record npm run test

If you just want to playback records:

JEST_PLAYBACK_MODE=play npm run test

NOTE The default mode is run, which will playback records and still allow unmocked requests.


  • run

    • play records
    • enable net connet
  • play

    • play records
    • disable net connet
  • record

    • enable net connect
    • record all requests
  • real

    • enable net connect


configs are in the reporter's second field:

  "jest": {
    "reporters": [
      ["jest-playback", {"option": "value"}]
  • debug

    • type: boolean
    • default: false
    • display debug message
  • playbacks

    • type: string
    • default: <rootDir>/playbacks
    • specify directory to store records
  • mode

    • type: string
    • default: run
    • specify which mode to use
  • mode_env

    • type: string
    • default: JEST_PLAYBACK_MODE
    • specify what environment variable to be used as mode, has higher priority than mode


# lint
yarn run lint

# build
yarn run build

# test
yarn run test


  • nock: HTTP mocking and expectations library
  • ava-playback: Record and playback http requests from your ava tests


MIT © Ika