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The scripts that test the performance of VSD REST API.
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1.pip install vspk=
2.VSD preparation
    1). Create new organization profile with Floating Ips Quota to 4*thread_num at least
3.Modify global variables in
    1).Modify ENTERPRISE_PROFILE_ID to the organizaiton profile ID
    2).Modify SHARE_NETWORK_RESOURCE_ID to the share network resource to be used during test
    3).Modify VRSG_PORT_ID to VRS-G Port ID which will be used as uplink
    4).Modify VLAN_BASE to the correct vlan ID that could be accepted by VRS-G port VLAN range 
4.Run scripts with cli
    python -H -P 8443 -u csproot -p csproot -E csp -l log -t 5 

    Important Options:
    -l: Write logs to the file
    -t: Threads numbers,default 1
    -c: Clean resource before test begin.Clean resource will wait a long time, if you don’t want to clean, please modify VLAN_BASE to avoid conflicts.
    -v, -d: Write detail logs into log file
    -h: For help
5.After test finish, check the file result, will contain the result of test
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