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Deck of Anki flashcards for the LPIC-1 (Linux System Administrator) exams 101 and 102 of the Linux Professional Institute (LPI).
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Download the LPIC-1 flashcards for Anki here.

Deck of Anki Flashcards for the Linux Professional Institute (LPI) LPIC-1 Exams 101 & 102

LPIC-1 Anki Flashcards contains a deck of flashcards for use with the Anki flashcard system. The deck of flashcards helps to prepare for the Linux Professional Institute (LPI) LPIC-1 (Linux System Administrator) exam, which consists of two exams: 101 and 102. To become LPIC-1 certified, you must pass both, the 101 and 102 exams.

Get the Deck of Flashcards

Download Deck from GitHub

The file LPIC-1.apkg contains the deck with all flashcards (including media) in the Anki deck format with the .apkg file extension. You can download the deck here. The LPIC-1.apkg file can be imported into Anki:

Importing a deck of flashcards into Anki

Download Deck from Ankiweb

As an alternative to the download from GitHub, you can download and/or import an older version of the shared deck directly from AnkiWeb.


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Language English
Number of cards 1727
Number of images 59
Completed exam 101 topics 101.1, 101.2, 101.3, 102.1, 102.2, 102.3, 102.4, 102.5, 103.1, 103.2, 103.3, 103.4, 103.5, 103.6, 103.7, 103.8, 104.1, 104.2, 104.3, 104.4, 104.5, 104.6, 104.7
Completed exam 102 topics 105.1, 105.2


The deck contains detailed questions with concise answers (no multiple choice). All cards are relevant for the LPIC-1 exams. Topics include system architecture, installation of Linux and package management, GNU and Unix commands, devices, Linux filesystems, Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (FHS), shells, scripting and data managment, interfaces and desktops, administrative tasks, essential system services, networking fundamentals, and security.

LPIC-1 Exam 101 Topics (complete)

Topics and sub-topics are tagged according to the LPIC-1 exam 101 outline.

  • 101 - System Architecture
    See tags: 101, 101.1, 101.2, 101.3
  • 102 - Linux Installation and Package Management
    See tags: 102, 102.1, 102.2, 102.3, 102.4, 102.5
  • 103 - GNU and Unix Commands
    See tags: 103, 103.1, 103.2, 103.3, 103.4, 103.5, 103.6, 103.7, 103.8
  • 104 - Devices, Linux Filesystems, Filesystem Hierarchy Standard
    See tags: 104.1, 104.2, 104.3, 104.4, 104.5, 104.6, 104.7

LPIC-1 Exam 102 Topics (work in progress)

Topics and sub-topics are tagged according to the LPIC-1 exam 102 outline.

  • 105 - Shells, Scripting and Data Management
    See tags: 105.1, 105.2
  • 106 - Interfaces and Desktops
    See tags: work in progress
  • 107 - Administrative Tasks
    See tags: work in progress
  • 108 - Essential System Services
    See tags: work in progress
  • 109 - Networking Fundamentals
    See tags: work in progress
  • 110 - Security
    See tags: work in progress

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Warranty and Liability

LPIC-1 Anki Flashcards is a small, private project. The author makes absolutely no claims and representations to warranties regarding the accuracy or completeness of the information provided. However, you can use the information in this repository AT YOUR OWN RISK.


LPIC-1 Anki Flashcards by Jonas Jacek is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available upon request at


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