Serverless Status Page System
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LambStatus is the serverless status page system. See our website for features.


  • Status page: the page to tell your service's status to your users
  • Admin page: the page to change your service's status

Get Started

See the getting started page to build your first status page with just a few clicks!

Goals of this project

  • Offers an open source and serverless status page system.
  • Offers a pay-as-you-go pricing approach like AWS. We estimate the system takes just $1 to handle 30,000 visitors (see details).
  • Enables you to build and maintain the status page system with minimum effort.

Why Serverless?

Status page system is great with the Serverless architecture, because:

  • It eases your pain caused by the scaling / availability issues. It is terrible if your service is down AND heavy traffic from stuck users stops your status page.
  • It enables you to pay only for what you use. A status page only occasionally gets huge traffic. The system takes only $1 per 30,000 visitors and almost $0 if no visitors.

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