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Basic tutorial of C++ for starters
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Learn Basics of C++ Pragramming Language

Implementasions made by Leonardo Goulart Bachelor student of IT at Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte - UFRN

This project serve to teach other people the basics how-too of c++ programming language like:

  1. Inputs and Outputs
  2. Types of variables
  3. How to compile the program:
  4. Only one
  5. Separated files
  6. Loop Structures
  7. Functions
  8. And more... ( It's a still going project )


Getting Help

Compile your program

  • Some flags you can use to ensure your code its without warning or whatever and run just OK:

Start using

  • Download by using git commands:
$ git clone
  • Enter the folder
$ cd LearnBasicCpp 
  • Run the code
$ g++ -W -Wall -ansi -std=c++11 

** Run the program and read the comments within, there's a explanation about the code lines. **

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