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Made Tech Handbook

At Made Tech, we're building an open and transparent company, full of people who love their work and enjoy the challenges they face every day. To do this, we want everyone to understand what is expected of them, the things we value and the things we believe should be avoided.

This handbook should be the starting point for any new team members. It provides an overview of the business and a point of reference for topics such as expense policy, referral bonuses and remote working policies.

Our mission

Made Tech's mission is to improve software delivery in every organisation. We build software delivery capabilities, deliver digital & technology, and run live services for ambitious organisations. Our delivery-focused approach enables customers to unleash innovation and reduce time-to-market, so they spend less time battling 'business as usual', and more time delivering real business value.

Our values

  • People: We value and respect the people we work with, both within the company and without, and want them to feel able to express their opinions safely and without fear.

  • Space: We value the space in which we work, and want it to be a place in which everyone can pursue and share knowledge whilst feeling respected, comfortable and productive.

  • Culture: We value a positive and diverse company culture, and will always strive to adapt our culture in order to make this a more welcoming place to be.

  • Continuous Improvement: We value continuous improvement, and seek to empower ourselves and the people around us with the opportunity to reflect and improve.

Contributing to our handbook

We're a company that moves fast, so we're going to need everyone to help us keep this up to date. If you encounter something that you think should be in this Handbook or spot a typo, please feel free to open a pull request. If you have a question feel free to open an issue. This applies whether you're a Made Tech employee or not :)

Table of contents

Introduction to Made Tech


Benefits & Perks




Team Norms