Better Code Hub

Better Code Hub is an online static code analysis service that checks a code base for compliance to 10 software engineering guidelines. Compliance to the guidelines is checked with metrics but Better Code Hub does not simply count violations, it uses a unique approach based on a very large metrics benchmark. If Better Code Hub shows a score of 10 out of 10, you know you’re performing like the top development teams in the industry!

More about Better Code Hub

It provides teams a Definition of Done for Code Quality

Better Code Hub allows teams to add a clear code quality goal to their Definition of Done. Metric thresholds are derived from a large industry and open-source software benchmark. This benchmark is calibrated yearly in our software laboratory to capture the state-of-the art in software engineering.

It does not flood you with violations

We have fixed thresholds for how much of your code must be below a metric value to be compliant with the corresponding guideline. When you are not compliant, Better Code Hub suggests refactoring candidates. It also tells you for any selection of those refactoring candidates what compliance impact they have.

Zero set-up time and immediate developer feedback

There is no set-up time, you will get your results within minutes. Better Code Hub integrates with your GitHub flow too: simply toggle a switch to have it run at every Push and Pull Request in your CI/CD pipeline!

Repository quality report
All done for this guildeline
Prioritized list of refactoring candidates
Code snippet of a guideline violation
Architecture metrics based on call resolving

Pricing and setup

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Better Code Hub


For open source and non-commercial use

  • Unlimited public repos
  • Up to 100,000 lines of code per repo
  • 16 popular programming languages

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