Blackfire empowers your developers and IT/Ops teams to continuously verify and improve your app’s performance, throughout its lifecycle, by getting you the right information at the right moment.

Deploy your code, profile it and test it automatically, in dev, test/staging and production.

More about

Performance profiling

  • Time, memory and more
  • Production ready
  • HTTP and CLI
  • Call graphs and timeline
  • Comparisons

Performance Testing

  • Assertions
  • Built-in and custom metrics
  • Collaboration

Performance Management Automation

  • Builds
  • Notifications and commit status update
  • Test reports
  • API and webhooks

Performance Recommendations

  • Best practices
  • Documentations
  • Framework specific
Blackfire build report
Blackfire call-graph and assertions
Blackfire commit status
Blackfire function call profile display

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Blackfire Premium for GitHub

Automate performance testing and collaborate with a small team.

  • 1 environment, 3 collaborators
  • All dimensions
  • Tests and recommendations
  • Automations and integrations (inc. GitHub notifications, and build webhooks)
$149 / month
$1,490 / year

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