Build faster. Test more. Fail less.

Let CircleCI help your team focus on making a great product. Speed up your test and development cycle to improve productivity, with no maintenance of your build and test setup.

Any language that builds on Linux builds on CircleCI. First-class support for Docker, iOS and macOS, and Android projects. Trusted by hundreds of thousands of projects and organizations.

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Get set up in no time

Follow your GitHub project from CircleCI, and set up your first build in no time thanks to CircleCI's automatically generated build and test steps and simple extensibility.

Start free and scale without limit

Every GitHub user gets a free build container to start. CircleCI can scale with you no matter how big your team grows.

Your language, your toolchain, your deployment environment

Languages that build on Linux will build on CircleCI. First-class support for Docker, iOS, macOS, and Android, as well as countless other languages and frameworks, means you can use the same great CI and CD tool no matter where you deploy.

Looking for more plans or macOS?

Contact us at for more information about plans supporting GitHub Enterprise, macOS and iOS, or dedicated support. Visit

CircleCI build dashboard shows all recent builds in one place. Filter by "My builds" or "All builds" to find what you're looking for faster.
Sample circle.yml configuration.
CircleCI Insights helps teams understand recent trends and performance for their builds.
Debug via SSH for faster resolution of build and test issues.
Test summary quickly highlights where tests are failing, so you can find and resolve issues faster.

Pricing and setup

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Free for both open source and private projects

  • Unlimited Repos
  • Unlimited Users
  • 4x build concurrency for open source projects
  • 1x build concurrency for private projects

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