Cirrus CI is a Continuous Integration system built on modern ideas and technologies for maximum efficiency and performance. Fast, reliable and easy to understand.

Flexible Build Execution Environment 📦

Cirrus CI allows to use any Docker or Virtual Machine images as an environment to execute builds for your repositories. No need to wait for anyone to upgrade a version of a library in CI environment. Choose your own environment!

Speed ⚡️

It usually takes a few hundred milliseconds from the moment a change is pushed to GitHub to the moment your build is executing inside of a Docker container.

Innovative Pricing Model 💰

Simplicity 🍳

Even very complex builds can be configured via readable and concise configuration format.

Transparency AKA No Magic 🕵🏻

Cirrus CI is built on simple principles and tries to enforce simplicity. No magic is happening under the hood for your builds. What is configured in .cirrus.yml file is what's happening during a build.

Build UI
Task UI

Pricing and setup

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Cirrus CI

Private Personal Repositories

Affordable CI for private personal repositories

  • access to Community Custer
  • builds orchestration on any other Cloud Computing Service
$10 / month
$100 / year

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Cirrus CI is provided by a third-party and is governed by separate terms, privacy policy, and support contact.