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Codefresh is designed specifically for teams deploying containers to production. Move fast and deploy with confidence thanks to:

  • Docker Optimized CI
  • Kubernetes Optimized CD
  • Insanely fast build flow optimized for Docker
  • Easy Image Management from an embedded registry
  • Quick Setup and Powerful Pipelines
  • Streamlined deployment to Kubernetes, Swarm, ECS, and more.

Kubernetes Optimized CD

Speedy Docker Builds

Codefresh includes native multi-stage build support, layer caching, and an embedded registry to make builds as fast as possible.

Easy Image Management

Developers can use Codefresh’s embedded registry to track changes, quality checks, contributions, and debug their appilcations. Attach test results, custom metadata, and more to make collaboration and release management easier than ever.

Quick Setup and Powerful Pipelines

Import your Dockerfile, or Docker-Compose.yml right into Codefresh to get started with powerful pipelines. Each step executes in it’s own container with a persistent data-layer.

Automate deployment to Kubernetes, Swarm, ECS, and more

Codefresh was designed specifically for deploying containers and has tight integrations into Kubernetes, Swarm and ECS.

Contact us for Enterprise pricing.

Setup your first pipeline in less than 5 minutes using the fresh ui.
Monitor All Your Kubernetes Clusters in One Place
Build powerful pipelines with total flexibility
Manage all your team's image builds from a single location.
Codefresh supports every registry out there.

Pricing and setup

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Best for individuals. Create unlimited pipelines for public and private repositories.

  • 1 Concurrent Build
  • 120 Builds/month
  • 2 Concurrent Users
  • SaaS

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