Gemnasium keeps your applications safe by monitoring your dependencies. You will be notified when a dependency is vulnerable or outdated.

Gemnasium works with Ruby, npm (and Yarn), PyPI and Packagist. Java support is coming soon.

More about Gemnasium

Security Alerts - Gemnasium alerts you as soon as a security advisory is reported and affecting your projects.

Visualize Issues & Track Dependencies - Gemnasium combines updates information available across all of your repositories. You have a clear overview of all your dependencies update information in one single interface.

Real Time Alerts - No need to watch constantly for updates. Gemnasium alerts you when a new update is available.

Full control of your privacy - Track the dependencies of your private projects without sharing access to their source code with our specific command line tool.

Team sharing - Share a unique plan with all your collaborators.

Auto-Update for Ruby - Gemnasium is able to find the best set of compatible dependencies. Thanks to our command line tool, you will be able to keep your project dependencies up-to-date automatically!

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Clear overview of your application status, with detected security advisories
Check your project status with brakeman reports
Integrated changelogs
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Pricing and setup

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Unlimited public repos

  • Security alerts & reminders
  • Unlimited collaborators
  • No private repo

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Gemnasium is provided by a third-party and is governed by separate terms, privacy policy, and support contact.