Optimizing images yourself is time consuming, let ImgBot do all the heavy lifting for you. You just sit back and review the PRs :)

Every bit counts while your project is loading and your users are waiting.

Once installed, ImgBot will crawl through all of your image files in GitHub and losslessly compress them. This will make the file size go down, but leave the dimensions and quality untouched. Once it's done, ImgBot will open a pull request for you to review and merge.

Every time you add or update images, ImgBot will jump in and optimize them for you with a new pull request.

ImgBot uses a lossless compression algorithm from ImageMagick.

Why ImgBot?

It's 2018, your image optimization should be automated. No really, don't do it manually.


  • Lossless compression
  • Fully open source implementation
  • Natural pull request workflow
  • GitHub app based permissions
  • Compression summaries
  • Schedulable optimization runs
  • File and folder ignore options
  • Signed and verified commits
  • Public + Private repo support
  • Completely and totally free :)


An ImgBot pull request

Pricing and setup

ImgBot logo preview

Always Free

Serverless FTW!

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