Agile project management inside GitHub, without access to code is a sharp tool for agile software development powered by live GitHub data.
It features kanban boards, storypoint management, burndown charts and cross-repository progress overview.

It’s based on the new GitHub Apps API with a fine grained permission system. Unlike other project management integrations, is the only one that doens't require access to your code.

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Protect your privacy, from the beginning

We won't be able to read or change your code, since we won't require any of these permissions from GitHub. User data stored in is encrypted with industry standard encryption algorithm both during transmission and in storage. All of our infrastructures are compliant with ISO 27001:2013

Work in the environment you familiar with is provided with well-designed user interface that integrates flawlessly with GitHub. You can manage your project within the environment you familiar with, without the border to learn a new pattern.

Know your project, statistically empowers you to know the status of your project better with fine grained statistic tools. You will be able to manage your project with the help of burn-down charts and story point summaries.

Kanban board
No access to code
Story points & progress tracking
Burn-down charts

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$2 per seat per month

$2 per seat
/ month
$10 per seat
/ year

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