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Moesif API Insights

Moesif is an API Analytics service for Platform Teams:
• Modern Customer and API Analytics
• Real-time API Debugging
• Intelligent API Monitoring

Support for REST, GraphQL, Ethereum Web3, JSON-RPC, SOAP, & more

  • Understand how your customers use your API and what drives engagement.
  • Root cause API issues quickly with ML powered features like Smart Diff.
  • Get Slack and PagerDuty alerts of anomalous API behavior that pings tests don’t catch

Why Moesif?

Moesif is the most advanced AI-powered API analytics and debugging service designed specifically for production APIs including RESTful, GraphQL, Ethereum Web3, and SOAP APIs.

Over 2000 organizations are processing billions of API calls through Moesif including Rev, PowerSchool, and FOX.

It helps you understand how your customers use your APIs and debug API issues quickly. Moesif prevents minor issues from becoming major outages through deep API monitoring for anomalous behavior of your production API traffic.

Who is Moesif for?

Moesif is designed for API developers and product managers of platform teams such as public/open API with a developer community or partner APIs. In addition, applications that are architected around using 3rd party services or serverless functions can benefit deeply from Moesif’s API insights.

Which GraphQL mutate operations are heavily used by my customers?
What geographies are experiencing high API latency?
Who are my top customers using Node.js SDK the most?
Tail API streams in real-time
Which upstream API transaction are driving errors on my POST /login endpoint?

Pricing and setup

Moesif API Insights logo preview
Moesif API Insights


15,000,000 API calls / month. Everything in Grow, Plus:

  • Last 90 Days Data Retained
  • 10 Apps & 10 Team Members
  • Company Analytics & SmartDiff
  • JavaScript Triage Rules & CSV Export
$490 $245 $490 / month
$4,980 $2,490 $4,980 / year

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Moesif API Insights is provided by a third-party and is governed by separate terms, privacy policy, and support contact.

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