SideCI provides a static code analysis to uncover various issues; not only coding standard violation but also some typical anti-pattern instances and bad API usage. Increase code reviewing efficiency and deliver products with confidence. SideCI will help your development team accomplish more by maximizing the value delivered to your customers.

More about SideCI

Focus on bugs over styles

Finding bugs is essential in code review. It is more important than coding styles enforcement since bugs can cause harm to your customers immediately. SideCI focuses on finding bugs.

  • SideCI encourages you to configure analysis tools to detect issues more aggressively; they will report many false positives, but SideCI's integrated issue manager prevents them from bothering developers
  • You can customize your analysis to do some style checks

Use popular tools

The backend of SideCI is open source analysis tools, including ESLint, RuboCop, PHPMD, stylelint, Flake8, and Go Meta Linter. It allows using their standard configuration mechanics, and you can quickly switch to SideCI from running the tools during customized CI steps.

When you are completely new to the analysis tool, try with our default configuration.

Run static analysis tools to check your Pull Requests
Uncover potential issues from your changes automatically
Integrated with GitHub Pull Request
20 analyzers for 9+ languages are available for you

Pricing and setup

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Public & private repositories

  • Best for small to medium dev teams
$12 per seat
/ month
$144 per seat
/ year

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