Automated project management powered by your GitHub issues & pull requests.

Track your Work Automatically

Waffle brings together your work progress, reviews, and status updates automatically in realtime.

Multi-Repo Board

Create a single view for all of your GitHub issues and pull requests across multiple repositories.

Slack Integration

Stay updated directly inside of Slack!

Add your whole team by sharing your board’s URL. It’s that simple!

Waffle is made for developers, but we snuck in the features Project Managers want too!

Stay in the Loop

Always know the status of your team’s work, whether your team chooses to update issues in GitHub or in Waffle. Let developers work wherever they want, and Waffle will stay up to date in real-time.

Get Organized

Customize your Waffle board to match your team’s own workflow. Then prioritize what your team is to work on next, even go an extra step and estimate how long each card will take to complete.


Plan better and keep your team on track with Waffle’s Throughput (Velocity) and Milestone Burndown Graphs.

Curious to see it live?

Check out the Waffle team's public board to see how we use Waffle to do work.

Join thousands of developers who trust Waffle to keep their teams on track, including HubSpot, Stitch Fix, Buffer, and The Motley Fool!

Waffle's board keeps your whole team on track by showing your GitHub issues and pull requests in realtime.
A milestone burndown graph helps you stay on track to meet your deadlines. Over the purple line? Adjust what work you commit to or move the deadline.
Understanding your team's velocity with Waffle's throughput graph shows you how much your team can accomplish each iteration.
When work automatically moves across a board based on actions your team is already doing, you never have to think about updating your status again.
Never miss when someone's pull request is ready for review with Waffle's slack integration. See detailed information without leaving Slack.

Pricing and setup

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Unlimited private repositories and unlimited collaborators for personal GitHub accounts

  • Unlimited private repositories
  • Automated workflows with WaffleBot
  • Metrics to measure progress
  • Slack integration
$5 / month
$50 / year

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