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💡 CLI access to TPLink Routers
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Simple CLI client for remote data polling or controlling TL-WR845N router (might work with other TPLink routers!)

Sample Result

# dhcp lease and rx/tx info
$ python -h -u admin -p qwer0987 -s -b
ip               mac                  name                        received    sent     
---------------  -------------------  --------------------------  ----------  ---------
""  "36-01-55-D8-5D-E2"  "DESKTOP-2V44CC92"          5.9 GB      7.22 GB  
""  "52-7E-65-B4-2A-25"  "android-df9862b973a1b189"  197.33 MB   267.36 MB
""  "44-15-6F-F0-99-BF"  "rakib38s-iPhone"           4.31 MB     1.95 MB  
""  "74-F0-6D-31-D6-B0"  "mew-laptop"                62.92 MB    66.73 MB 
""  "24-FD-5C-52-5E-02"  "Minhaz-PC"                 57.75 MB    73.16 MB 
""  "ED-1B-82-24-38-A4"  "Minhaz-MI5"                1.57 MB     1.01 MB  

# reboots the router
$ python -h -u admin -p qwer0987 -r


  • Add more functions to get status updates
  • Map mac address with status updates
  • Human readable up/down data statistics
  • Cleanup code
  • Reboot Feature
  • Enable/Disable Wireless Radio
  • Enable/Disable ACL
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