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A simple (non intrusive) trainer for ShellShock Live
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ShellShock Live Trainer

A simple (non intrusive) trainer for ShellShock Live

The project is only for exercise purposes and should not be used for cheating.

My main interest is not the game itself. The goal of this project was to improve my knowledge of the Rust programming language and the Windows-API.

Usage (Windows only)

  1. Execute the trainer (installation see below).
  2. Start "Shellshock Live" (the trainer automatically detects a running instance of "Shellshock Live").
  3. There are four hardcoded keys
    • Key 1 (save current mouse position as position 1)
    • Key 2 (save current mouse position as position 2)
    • Key 3 (calculate different angle/speed combinations to hit the target (position 2))
    • Key 4 (clear positions)
    • Key 5 (switch calculation mode)


  1. Move the mouse over your tank and press '1'.
  2. Move the mouse over the enemy tank and press '2'.
  3. Press '3'.

Installation (Windows only)

Install the Rust compiler toolchain

Download sources

Clone this repository with Git for Windows

git clone [REPO]

Alternatively download this repository

Button "Clone or download" -> "Download ZIP"


  1. Open a command line window and change to the directory (cloned or downloaded).
  2. Build (output folder "target\release\shellshock-trainer.exe")
cargo build --release
  1. Run
cargo run --release


cd target\release



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