A tool for deploying Azure infrastructure based on proven practices. Azure building blocks take advantage of the Azure CLI and Azure Resource Manager templates to provision collections of resources as logical units with production-ready settings.
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Template Building Blocks

The AzureCAT - patterns & practices (PnP) Template Building Blocks project provides a series of Azure Resource Manager templates you can use to deploy a collection of resources that, together, make up a building block for larger solutions.

These are the same templates used in the Reference architectures guidance provided by the PnP team, and are summarized below.

Building block Link Description
Virtual network vnet-n-subnet Used to create a virtual network with any number of subnets
Network security groups networkSecurityGroups Used to create any number of NSGs, and link them to any number of NICs and/or subnets
User defined routes userDefinedRoutes Used to create any number of UDR tables, and link them to any number of subnets
Gateway connection vpn-gateway-vpn-connection Used to create a VPN or ExpressRoute gateway and necessary connections to another network
Virtual machines multi-vm-n-nic-m-storage Used to create any number of VMs, each with any number of NICs, and any number of data disks
Load balanced workload loadBalancer-backend-n-vm Used to create a load balancer with a collection of VMs in the backend
DMZ dmz Used to create a DMZ between an Azure VNet and any other network, or the Internet

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