💡Ever had a cool idea to an Open Source project but didn't have the time to implement yourself? Let someone else give it a try!
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Open Source Ideas Slack

👐 Ever had a cool idea to an Open Source project but didn't have the time to implement yourself? Let someone else give it a try!

See all ideas in the issues list or on the project's homepage: https://open-source-ideas.github.io (source). For discussions regarding the Open Source Ideas project it self, check out meta.

For many working with Open Source, good ideas or cool projects aren't the limiting factor. Time is. But there are a lot of different people out there with various levels of experience and background. Some want to create open source projects, but don't know where to start or what to create. Why don't solve both these problems with the help of each other? 🐦 🐔 💥

This repo tries to collect ideas for Open Source projects that are up for grabs. It's much better for a project to see the light of day instead of slowly dying in a dusty Reminder-list in some way too small iCloud storage.

Let's show what open in Open Source means, by creating a welcoming, inclusive and supporting community for all that want to be involved. My hope is that we can get more people involved with Open Source, learning the customary behavior and to continue to drive the open community forward. Read more about the initiative in the blog post.

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Or if you are totally new to open source and development, you can check out

To track the progress of the initiative itself, see the Open Source Ideas Initiative planning project board, and see all projects that have been completed through this initiative.

This project adheres to the Contributor Covenant code of conduct. By participating, you are expected to uphold this code.

How it works

Remember to watch the repo to get updates of all issues and comments.

I've got an idea to share

If there is anyone with cool ideas of projects that doesn't have the time to create it themselves, post it as an issue on this repo, mark it with the appropriate label and advertise it if you so please.

Try to include as much information as needed to implement the project, and be open to answer questions if necessary. Add a label to the project whether it is estimated to be Little work, Medium work or Much work. Also try to answer the issue template as correct as possible. If the project is perfect for first-timers, label the Issue as First Contribute.

I want to create a project

If you are Open Source-curious or just looking for your next project, you can look through the Issue-list and pick one of your liking. If you find anything of your liking, you can join the issue by commenting on it. If there are people who want to cooperate, that's fantastic. Just make a comment and the person who joined it first can answer.

Feel free to keep the issue updated with the progress of the project and ask for help if needed. When the project is finished/published, the link to the published project and the issue can be closed.

If it already exists

Often with Open Source a project already exists, but people aren't aware it does. If there are any issues opened that already exists, let us know and the issue will be closed.

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