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Project-oriented Curriculum

Updated May 16, 2019

We're updating freeCodeCamp's curriculum to be completely project-focused. You can read more about this update here:

freeCodeCamp Groups

Updated Jan 30, 2019

This is our first step toward an events platform: a directory of study groups that's managed by the study groups themselves.

Currently we're using a basic study group directory. We want to break these results into static pages so they can be indexed by Google and by our own search engine, and thus much easier to find.

We also want to reduce our dependence on Facebook Groups. By using group pages managed by the groups themselves, they will be able to add links to various services they use to communicate and coordinate their events - not just links to their Facebook group.

This is particularly important because Facebook is blocked in some countries, and many study groups also have groups or chat using tools like Slack, WeChat, and Discord. Some groups also have their own Twitter, YouTube, and other social media accounts.

Ultimately, this directory represents the first step toward giving study groups more autonomy and making it easier for people to discover their groups.


Updated Apr 9, 2019

Upcoming features on

Project Repo:

Open API

Updated Dec 5, 2018

This project aims to discuss the Open API initiative of freeCodeCamp, where we plan to re-architect the back-end and create APIs that can be leveraged to create applications around our open curricula.

Project repo:

Linked repositories: open-api

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