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Osquery Website

Running the app locally

Install all dependencies:


Run the app:

yarn start

The app should open in a browser window at http://localhost:3000.

Running the linter

Before submitting a PR, please lint:

yarn lint

Running Storybook

Storybook is a UI development environment that allows us to view the app's components in isolation. To start Storybook, open another terminal and run

yarn storybook

The Storybook application will be viewable at http://localhost:9001.

Accessing and updating the website content

The textual content for each page can be found at /src/data/pages.

The osquery schema data can be found at /src/data/osquery_schema_versions.

Submitting a blog post

To upload a new blog post, please submit a PR with a markdown file to either official news or community articles.

If you would like to upload an image for your blog post, please do the following:

  1. Add the image to the blog post images directory.
  2. Import the image in the images manifest, and give your image a unique reference name.
  3. Insert the image in your markdown as you typically would, but instead of the file path use the reference name from the manifest. i.e. ![image alt text](myCoolImage).

Submitting a community event listing

To upload a new community event, submit a PR adding a JSON file to the community events directory. Please include the following information in the listing:

  "title": [string],
  "location": [string],
  "startYear": [number],
  "startMonth": [number],
  "startDay": [number],
  "endYear": [number],    // optional
  "endMonth": [number],   // optional
  "endDay": [number]      // optional
  "url": [string]         // optional

Additionally, please add the newly-added filename to the manifest file.