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Ansible playbook to create a Nuage Virtualized Cloud Services in just one KVM Box (32GB memory at least)
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##Caution! Use it under your own risk. Intended for PoCs and Labs

#Create a Nuage VCS in a KVM Box

Hello there. Bored to create and recreate many times a dns/ntp/dhcp and Nuage VSP ( SDN controller ) servers for my demos. I've created this playbook It would create a libvirt VMs and set bind, ntp and dhcp up in one of the servers. And Nuage VSD ( management ) and a couple of VCSs (control).

Quick Start

Step 1: Create Dummies/Bridges interfaces

Create your bridges and dummies interfaces if you plan to install this in one box. If you don't plan to use just one Box. Skip this step. Check _bridges.yml for settings details. _bridges.yml playbook will set your KVM server with the following:

  1. Disable selinux
  2. Enable forwarding
  3. Disable NetworkManager and Firewall
  4. Flush iptables and create NAT rules
  5. Creat dummies and Bridges
  6. Reboot KVM host

Step 2: Create KVM domains and install software SDN and more.

You had to be sure you will access all the servers from your ansble-host. Create routes if you need. Check build.yml and nserver-deploy.yml vars previously to run the follow:

git clone
cd vsc-in-a-box
curl > /tmp/centos7.qcow2
# Copy your vsd and vsc qcow2 images to /tmp/vsc40r61.qcow2 and /tmp/vsd40r61.qcow2
# If you need those images ping me at
ansible-playbook build.yml


You can use either _bridges.yml (you have to uncomment _bridges-reset role and comment _bridges role into the file ) to reverse bridges and dummies; or _reset-all.yml to destroy allyour KVM domains.


All the vars are in build.yml to create the server. And use nserver-deploy.yml for the services. Check the vars before to proceed.

You can change things like:

  1. domain (i.e. sdn40r61.lab )
  2. hostnames ( the FQDN must be defined accordingly with the domain )
  3. ip address and netmasks ( don't forget to check that on build.yml and nserver-deploy.yml )
  4. Images paths
  5. VSC system.ip
  6. memory, vcpus and disk size where is defined.

Have fun!

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