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GitHub is home to the hobbies, passion projects, and professional work of 20 million developers across the globe.

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Open source

The world’s largest open source community

Open source software is free to use and explore. People contribute to open source projects to share their work, learn new skills, and be part of something big.

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Private repositories

Unlimited private repositories

Public and open source repositories are always free. With a paid plan, you can also create as many private repositories as you need for $7/month.

Frequently asked questions

What’s the difference between the Developer and Team Plans?

Your user account is your identity on GitHub. It can be a member of any number of organizations, regardless of whether the account is on a free or paid Developer Plan. The Team Plan is a paid plan for shared organization accounts. With a Team Plan, groups of people can collaborate across many projects at once.

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Can I sign in to an organization using my personal account?

Kind of. You can’t directly sign in to a GitHub organization you’re a member of. Sign in to your personal user account to access your organization’s repositories.

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Can I convert a personal account into an organization account?

Yes. You can convert your personal user account into an organization by upgrading to the Team Plan. For user accounts on the paid Developer Plan, you can convert without re-entering your payment information, adjusting your billing cycle, or double paying at any time.

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