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rmmartins committed Jan 9, 2018
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+@if "%SCM_TRACE_LEVEL%" NEQ "4" @echo off
+REM Put Ruby in Path
+REM You can also use %TEMP% but it is cleared on site restart. Tools is persistent.
+SET PATH=%PATH%;D:\home\site\deployments\tools\r\ruby-2.3.1-x64-mingw32\bin
+REM I am in the repository folder
+pushd D:\home\site\deployments
+if not exist tools md tools
+cd tools
+if not exist r md r
+cd r
+if exist ruby-2.3.1-x64-mingw32 goto end
+echo No Ruby, need to get it!
+REM Get Ruby and Rails
+REM 64bit
+curl -o -L
+REM Azure puts 7zip here!
+echo START Unzipping Ruby
+SetLocal DisableDelayedExpansion & d:\7zip\7za x -xr!*.ri -y > rubyout
+echo DONE Unzipping Ruby
+REM Get DevKit to build Ruby native gems
+REM If you don't need DevKit, rem this out.
+curl -o
+echo START Unzipping DevKit
+d:\7zip\7za x -y -oDevKit > devkitout
+echo DONE Unzipping DevKit
+REM Init DevKit
+ruby DevKit\dk.rb init
+REM Tell DevKit where Ruby is
+echo --- > config.yml
+echo - D:/home/site/deployments/tools/r/ruby-2.3.1-x64-mingw32 >> config.yml
+REM Setup DevKit
+ruby DevKit\dk.rb install
+REM Update until someone fixes the Ruby Windows installer
+curl -L -o update.gem
+call gem install --local update.gem
+call update_rubygems --no-ri --no-rdoc > updaterubygemsout
+ECHO What's our new Rubygems version?
+call gem --version
+call gem uninstall rubygems-update -x
+REM Need to be in Reposistory
+call gem install bundler --no-ri --no-rdoc
+ECHO Bundler install (not update!)
+call bundle install
+ECHO Running Jekyll
+call bundle exec jekyll build
+REM KuduSync is after this!

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