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A collection of essential TypeScript types
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A collection of essential TypeScript types

Build Status

Many of the types here should have been built-in. You can help by suggesting some of them to the TypeScript project.

Either add this package as a dependency or copy-paste the needed types. No credit required. 👌

PR welcome for additional commonly needed types and docs improvements. Read the contributing guidelines first.


$ npm install type-fest


import {Omit} from 'type-fest';

type Foo = {
	unicorn: string;
	rainbow: boolean;

type FooWithoutRainbow = Omit<Foo, 'rainbow'>;
//=> {unicorn: string}


Click the type names for complete docs.



  • Omit - Create a type from an object type without certain keys.
  • Mutable - Convert an object with readonly properties into a mutable object. Inverse of Readonly<T>.
  • Merge - Merge two types into a new type. Keys of the second type overrides keys of the first type.
  • MergeExclusive - Create a type that has mutually exclusive properties.
  • RequireAtLeastOne - Create a type that requires at least one of the given properties.
  • ReadonlyDeep - Create a deeply immutable version of a object/Map/Set/Array type.
  • LiteralUnion - Create a union type by combining primitive types and literal types without sacrificing auto-completion in IDEs for the literal type part of the union. Workaround for Microsoft/TypeScript#29729.


Declined types

If we decline a type addition, we will make sure to document the better solution here.

  • Diff and Spread - The PR author didn't provide any real-world use-cases and the PR went stale. If you think this type is useful, provide some real-world use-cases and we might reconsider.


Built-in types

There are many advanced types most users don't know about.

You can find some examples in the TypeScript docs.



(MIT OR CC0-1.0)

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