Automates certain common tasks that you do during programming competitions
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Automates certain common tasks that you do during programming competitions: parsing, running and debugging problem tests, inlining library code.

caide is inspired by such projects as chelper or jhelper. Its purpose is to automate the following tasks:

  • Parsing problem statement and extracting test cases
  • Generating solution scaffold
  • Inlining library code and preparing a single source file for submission
  • Running the tests on your solution
  • Debugging the tests

Unlike other projects, caide is designed to support multiple programming languages and IDEs/editors.


Codelite and command line caide in Linux: (full size)

Codelite in Windows: (full size)

Visual Studio:


caide is split into the following components (click the links to learn more):

  • libcaide is core command line application implementing all functionality. Windows and Linux are supported. Theoretically, it should also build on OS X.
  • VsCaide is caide frontend (extension) for Visual Studio; currently supports C++ and C# programming languages.
  • tccaide is a plugin for Topcoder arena required if you want to work with Topcoder problems.

Download caide from releases page. You will need either the command line executable for your platform, or the Visual Studio extension. In addition, if you want Topcoder support, you will need the Arena plugin.