Statuspal lets you communicate your web apps/services status 📡
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Statuspal CircleCI Build Status

Statuspal lets you Monitor & Communicate your site's Status with a customizable status page. Use our SAAS or the self-hosted community edition.


Feature List

  • Customizable Status page
  • Incident/Maintenance reporting
  • Notifications (Email and Tweets)
  • Uptime graph
  • Monitoring + alerting (Only on Pro)
  • Response time graph coming soon
  • Private status pages coming soon

Statuspal Pro

The easiest way to get started is through our hosted status pages service at, you can get started and have a running status page in less than 3 minutes! and you wont have to worry about server configurations and maintenance.

Also this way you'll help us support the development of Statuspal.

Self hosted Statuspal

Alternatively you can host your own instance of Statuspal, if you want to go this way head over to our wiki page.


Contributions to Statuspal are very welcome! To setup your development environment go ahead and follow this guide.