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Lynis - Security auditing tool for Linux, macOS, and UNIX-based systems. Assists with compliance testing (HIPAA/ISO27…

Good first issues

Shell Updated May 23, 2019
Jackhammer - One Security vulnerability assessment/management tool to solve all the security team problems.
Java Updated Apr 22, 2019
SecurityManageFramwork是一款适用于企业内网安全管理平台,包含资产管理,漏洞管理,账号管理,知识库管、安全扫描自动化功能模块,可用于企业内部的安全管理。 本平台旨在帮助安全人员少,业务线繁杂,周期巡检困难,自动化程…
Python Updated May 19, 2019
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