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  1. 👩🏿‍💻👨🏾‍💻👩🏼‍💻👨🏽‍💻👩🏻‍💻中国独立开发者项目列表 -- 分享大家都在做什么

    2,462 126 Built by @1c7 @caiyue1993 @coderyi @JonyFang @ywwhack 1,917 stars today
  2. A light-weight, no-dependency, vanilla JavaScript engine to drive the user's focus across the page

    JavaScript 4,791 162 Built by @kamranahmedse @aloupfor @henrebotha @anonrose @controversial 427 stars today
  3. Create graphics with a hand-drawn, sketchy, appearance

    JavaScript 5,792 131 Built by @pshihn @MangTomas23 @bcjordan @BrianDGLS @stof 401 stars today
  4. 📚 技术面试需要掌握的基础知识整理

    9,029 1,957 Built by @CyC2018 @xbhoneybee @crossoverJie @mythsman @DawnMarch 297 stars today
  5. 🍞🍯 Beautiful chart for data visualization.

    JavaScript 1,911 54 Built by @extremeFE @junghwan-park @youjung-hong @jinwoo-kim-nhn @shiren 324 stars today
  6. TinyVM is a small, fast, lightweight virtual machine written in pure ANSI C.

    C 2,210 182 Built by @jakogut @bl0ckeduser @turnage @eldev @PeterReid 308 stars today
  7. 📝Next generation markdown editor, running on platforms of MacOS Windows and Linux.

    JavaScript 902 36 Built by @Jocs @notAlaanor @SuperSandro2000 @paralax @ywwhack 291 stars today
  8. 👩🏿‍💻👨🏾‍💻👩🏼‍💻👨🏽‍💻👩🏻‍💻 Awesome Developers, Streaming

    3,320 153 Built by @bnb @benrick @fud @RussTheAerialist @da-vaibhav 261 stars today
  9. 📝 the simplest and smallest WYSIWYG text editor for web, with no dependencies

    JavaScript 8,860 396 Built by @jaredreich @SidKwok @DylanPiercey @sufuf3 257 stars today
  10. Fabulously kill processes. Cross-platform.

    JavaScript 3,623 80 Built by @sindresorhus @coffeedoughnuts @kevva @jankdc @mokkabonna 257 stars today
  11. Video.js - open source HTML5 & Flash video player

    JavaScript 20,374 5,353 Built by @heff @gkatsev @dmlap @mmcc @misteroneill 240 stars today
  12. Benchmark for different operations in pandas against various dataframe sizes.

    Python 265 5 Built by @mm-mansour 243 stars today
  13. Interactive webapp meant to be used as graph theory tutorials.

    JavaScript 353 13 Built by @mrpandey 235 stars today
  14. Central managment and deployment for SSH keys

    Rust 230 6 Built by @ierror 224 stars today
  15. A set of React UI components that supports Pinterest’s design language

    JavaScript 295 26 Built by @chrislloyd @christianvuerings @pfarejowicz @bishwei @kennandavison 214 stars today
  16. A spotify daemon

    Rust 848 33 Built by @SimonPersson @andir @WhyNotHugo @katrielalex @xmarinusx 214 stars today
  17. 基于 Vue.js 的小程序开发框架,从底层支持 Vue.js 语法和构建工具体系。

    JavaScript 5,833 425 Built by @yyx990803 @defcc @kazupon @posva @javoski 196 stars today
  18. Flutter makes it easy and fast to build beautiful mobile apps.

    Dart 19,298 1,539 Built by @abarth @Hixie @HansMuller @devoncarew @cbracken 177 stars today
  19. 🖖 A progressive, incrementally-adoptable JavaScript framework for building UI on the web.

    JavaScript 87,389 12,808 Built by @yyx990803 @Hanks10100 @defcc @kazupon @posva 164 stars today
  20. Computation using data flow graphs for scalable machine learning

    C++ 93,151 59,822 Built by @tensorflower-gardener @caisq @vrv @benoitsteiner @gunan 139 stars today
  21. 收集所有区块链(BlockChain)技术开发相关资料,包括Fabric和Ethereum开发资料

    JavaScript 8,723 1,317 Built by @chaozh @hewigovens @xuziyan001 163 stars today
  22. Internal Monologue Attack: Retrieving NTLM Hashes without Touching LSASS

    C# 152 27 Built by @eladshamir 145 stars today
  23. Models and examples built with TensorFlow

    Python 30,992 17,105 Built by @nealwu @derekjchow @cshallue @lukaszkaiser @tombstone 117 stars today
  24. Bitwise is an educational project where we create the software/hardware stack for a computer from scratch.

    C 3,356 82 Built by @pervognsen @thee-engineer @croepha @maqtech @paralax 145 stars today
  25. Tiercel是一个非常简单易用且功能丰富的纯Swift下载框架。

    Swift 277 29 Built by @Danie1s 131 stars today
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