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  1. Build the best interview map. The current content includes JS, network, browser related, performance optimization, security, framework, Git, data structure, algorithm, etc.

    2,152 219 Built by @KieSun @amandakelake @billhanyu @johnbacy @tienpham94 1,208 stars today
  2. Blazing fast, instant GraphQL APIs on Postgres with fine grained access control

    JavaScript 1,197 32 Built by @shahidhk @praveenweb @rakeshkky @0x777 @arvi3411301 1,106 stars today
  3. Learn how to design large-scale systems. Prep for the system design interview. Includes Anki flashcards.

    Python 34,373 4,331 Built by @donnemartin @cclauss @fluency03 @antongulikov @ianpark 1,013 stars today
  4. the only cheat sheet you need

    Python 8,493 302 Built by @chubin @StrikingLoo @davep @md2perpe @johnnadratowski 524 stars today
  5. 一个可以观看国内主流视频平台所有视频的客户端(Mac、Windows、Linux) A client that can watch video of domestic(China) mainstream video platform

    JavaScript 6,245 1,620 Built by @chentsulin @amilajack @jhen0409 @greenkeeperio-bot @zeevl 446 stars today
  6. 🐠A friendly application manager and task runner for React.js

    JavaScript 1,428 54 Built by @joshwcomeau @bukharim96 @Haroenv @karlsander @ariabuckles 460 stars today
  7. ☑️ JavaScript fluent validation library.

    JavaScript 600 11 Built by @imbrn 384 stars today
  8. Rogue.js - a nearly invisible framework for creating server-rendered React applications

    JavaScript 1,279 38 Built by @alidcastano @rayandrews @gaverdugo 293 stars today
  9. pure-Go small home internet router

    Go 1,194 40 Built by @stapelberg 276 stars today
  10. Roadmap to becoming a React developer in 2018

    6,802 508 Built by @adam-golab @tienpham94 @DanielRamosAcosta @misacorn @zenghongtu 262 stars today
  11. The fastest and safest AV1 encoder.

    Rust 450 32 Built by @tdaede @ycho @lu-zero @smarter @rzumer 257 stars today
  12. A fully-modern text-based browser, rendering to TTY and browsers

    JavaScript 8,207 176 Built by @tombh @ss18 @ovidr @rahimnathwani @Duroktar 233 stars today
  13. ⛵️ Build container images for your Java applications.

    Java 3,224 215 Built by @coollog @TadCordle @loosebazooka @briandealwis @elharo 200 stars today
  14. 📆 准备秋招学习笔记

    28,406 8,040 Built by @CyC2018 @kwongtailau @crossoverJie @jy03078584 @xiangflight 171 stars today
  15. "The mother of all demo apps" — Exemplary fullstack clone powered by React, Angular, Node, Django, and many more 🏅

    JavaScript 17,102 1,049 Built by @EricSimons @Cameron-C-Chapman @anishkny @SandeeshS @xemexpress 189 stars today
  16. 🍞🎨 Full-featured photo image editor using canvas. It is really easy, and it comes with great filters.

    JavaScript 970 68 Built by @minkyu-yi @jinwoo-kim-nhn @seonim-ryu @dongsik-yoo @kyuwoo-choi 176 stars today
  17. Fermented Chili Sauce

    177 17 Built by @aweijnitz 169 stars today
  18. GPUImage 3 is a BSD-licensed Swift framework for GPU-accelerated video and image processing using Metal.

    Swift 683 18 Built by @BradLarson @RedQueenCoder @rorz 172 stars today
  19. 👨‍🎓 Java related : basic, concurrent, algorithm

    Java 6,533 1,530 Built by @crossoverJie @wangzhenhui1992 @Caeson @TGhoul @rosuH 148 stars today
  20. 🔥🔥优化版MVP,使用注解泛型简化代码编写,使用模块化协议方便维护,APT过程使用注解解析器利用JavaPoet🌝完成重复模块的编写,利用ASpect+GradlePlugin 完成横向AOP编程+Javassist动态字节码注入+Tinker实现热修复+Retrofit实现优雅网络操作+RxJava轻松玩转数据处理

    Java 838 135 Built by @UCodeUStory 142 stars today
  21. Jupyter notebooks for teaching/learning Python 3

    Python 436 39 Built by @jerry-git @jasrys @lkylych 146 stars today
  22. 🎨 Beautiful images of your code — from right inside your terminal.

    JavaScript 2,402 32 Built by @mixn @mathiasbynens 147 stars today
  23. SOFA MOSN is a modular observable smart proxy which can be used in service mesh deployed as a data plane sidecar.

    Go 202 42 Built by @ldxdl @Lingtaonju @taoyuanyuan @skyao @rootsongjc 126 stars today
  24. A collective list of public JSON APIs for use in web development.

    Python 39,598 3,915 Built by @davemachado @mikestreety @toddmotto @jbrooksuk @wesbos 130 stars today
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