Saltstack workshop with hands on demo. The workshop sets you up with a running Saltstack cluster on your laptop and walks through key concepts with practical demos.
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Saltstack Workshop


Saltstack is a configuration management platform for managing large infrastructure. This workshop sets you up with a small cluster on your laptop and then walks through key concepts with explanations and hands on code & demo. You can follow along the tutorial trail and learn Saltstack. All you need is a laptop with sufficient resources to run a few VMs.

This site is best viewed here, if you are viewing on Github do navigate to link above


Module Description
Setup Setup the local environment so that you can start using Saltstack cluster
Targetting How to target nodes from a large cluster of nodes
Grains How to use Grains to get information of systems
YAML Three simple rules to use YAML
Pillar User defined configuration data
Directory Structure The structure of code and data in Salt
Remote execution How to fire commands from the master
Jinja Templating language for programming Salt
State Files Salt States which converge infrastructure
Formula The logical units of the Saltstack
Salt Mine How to use mine for cross node data retrieval
Salt Beacons Beacons for watching things
Reactor How to create events and actions
Orchestration Orchestrate complex workflows