It is a boilerplate of React-Redux as the infrastructure, which helps to setup a Web APP quickly
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  • It is React-Redux as infrastructure boilerplate, with this developers just focus on developing component, action creator and reducer, without spending time in router, dev/pro build enviroement, wiring up file and express as HTTP server.

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$ git clone
$ npm install

Run (Develop Mode)

It is runnign in Development mode, enable HMR

$ npm run dev
open http://localhost:3000/

Run (Production Mode)

  • Compiling react/redux script to browser use lib, with webpack default optimized config.
  • Disable unnecessary funtionality which helps to debug in development mode
$ npm run build
$ node dist/server.js 


lint fix

$ npm run lint:fix

lint check

$ npm run lint


$ npm run storybook


More detail: about test of action creater, component, container and reducer

$ npm run test

Test Suites: 4 passed, 4 total
Tests:       6 passed, 6 total
Snapshots:   0 total
Time:        1.824s, estimated 2s

or watch mode

$ npm run test:watch

Server Rendering Structure

Server Rendering structure Above is the structure of how the whole app works, the app bases on Express web framework, which serves only one route, with res.sendFile function to put index.html into the browser. Inside the scoop of the structure, what we are interested is the blue box, the interaction between react component, redux, root component, store and reducer.

Shared Components


React-Redux Structure

react-helloworld-component-5-20 index.js , as the entry file and a high level root component, which gathers all the sub-component as the subtree of the Virtual DOM, also it is the only file entangled with many independent modules. Apart from it, different file requires independent modules, which makes clean code and work independently.