Free Templates for AWS CloudFormation
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Free Templates for AWS CloudFormation

Find the documentation for the latest stable release here:

Find the documentation for the unstable master branch here:

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widdix, a CLI tool to manage Free Templates for AWS CloudFormation.

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Easy-going CloudFormation: Modular, production ready, open source.

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All templates are published under Apache License Version 2.0.

Help needed?

You will probably find an answer to your question on Stack Overflow. If not, use the tag amazon-cloudformation to post your question, and the chances are high that we or someone from the community will point you in the right direction. We are not able to answer your questions via email or the project's issue tracker.

Sponsor a feature or bug fix

Are you in need of a feature or does a bug cause you sleepless nights? Please let us know by using the project's issue tracker. We work on bug fixes and new features as time permits. Are you in need of an urgent bug fix or important feature request? Contact us to sponsor a feature or bug fix.

Training and Consulting

Do you want to accelerate your start with AWS CloudFormation and our templates? We do offer remote and on-site training for you and your team. Are you looking for guidance on how to use or adapt our templates to your use case? We offer consulting services as well. Contact us, and we’ll accelerate your project.


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