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EasyRules tutorials implemented using Groovy Beans and a Gradle build file
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EasyRules Tutorials Groovy

EasyRules tutorials using Groovy beans with a Gradle build script.

Based on Easy Rules and the Java/Maven Tutorials


NB: Use then terminal command 'TERM=dumb' OR '--console=plain' along
with '--quiet' or '-q' to suppress Gradle build output lines.

./gradlew usage

Prints the following usage to the console

./gradlew FizzBuzz

Baseline FizzBuzz using code. (From:
Prints the integers from 1 to 100.  For multiples of 3, print 'Fizz' instead 
of the integer and for the multiples of 5, print 'Buzz'. For integers which are 
multiples of both 3 and 5, print 'FizzBuzz'.

./gradlew FizzBuzzER

FizzBuzz implementation using EasyRules.

./gradlew Simple

Very simple EasyRules examples with one, always true, rule.

./gradlew HelloWorld --quiet --console=plain

Obligatory 'Hello, world' example where the input is evaluated by a rule.

./gradlew Shop -P person=Tommy -P age=15 --quiet --console=plain

Rule to evaluate drinking age (US 21); Name and age can be passed in via the command line
or system properties; Default is 'Tom' at age '17'.

./gradlew Fire --quiet --console=plain

Copied from DROOLS examples. Create some rooms with sprinklers, start some fires.
The sprinklers will turn on and an alarm will be raised to notify the Fire Department.
Put out the fires, the sprinklers will turn off and the alarm will be silenced.

./gradlew Discount -P transactions=5 --quiet --console=plain

Copied from DROOLS examples. A customer selects and returns various items. A discount
is applied or removed depending on the merchandise total at the end of each transaction. 
Transactions are generated randomly.

./gradlew HonestPolitician

Initialize with honest politicians and the people rejoice. Introduce big corporations
and corrupt each politician.  How the people feel now?

./gradlew Weather -P isRaining=true --quiet --console=plain

./gradlew AirCo -P current=30 -P target=25 --quiet --console=plain

Nice demo of the new 'InferenceRulesEngine'

./gradlew clean

Remove all reports and artifacts from './$'

Windows Users - use gradlew instead of ./gradlew to run each tutorial.

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