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using System;
using System.Threading.Tasks;
using Streamstone;
namespace Example.Scenarios
public class S09_Handling_duplicates : Scenario
public override async Task RunAsync()
var result = await Stream.WriteAsync(new Stream(Partition), new EventData(EventId.From("42")));
var events = new[]
new EventData(EventId.From("56")),
new EventData(EventId.From("42")) // conflicting (duplicate) event
await Stream.WriteAsync(result.Stream, events);
catch (DuplicateEventException e)
Console.WriteLine("Duplicate event detection is based on ID of the event.");
Console.WriteLine("An ID of conflicting event will be reported back as a property of DuplicateEventException.");
Console.WriteLine("Here the conflicting event is: {0}", e.Id);
Console.WriteLine("The caller can use this information to remove conflicting event from the batch and retry (or cancel)");
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