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Brush Straightener Headkandy ention of the cloud and Bai Rong. A flash between the two, they will react over, stature at the brush straightener headkandy same time change, toward the Wu Chi they greeted over. Chapter 478 in depth Mangshan Breathing between the clouds will once again appeared in the Wu Chi s side, hand to hold the Wu Chi. How are you Although the strength of the supernatural powers, but Wu Chi is now the strength of the drive is really too reluctantly, before the cloud to see Wu Chi cast after the horrors of the show, and now naturally could not help but do not worry. I m fine, think of a way to brush straightener headkandy get out. Shook his head, Wu Chi Chen Sheng said. Faced with this horrible demon, simply do not give birth to the slightest i. dea of the enemy, only to find ways to get out, is the only life. So a moment of time, purple flame swept again, the slightest chance of breathing are not left to Wu Chi. However, it is good that this time in the Wu Chi brush straightener headkandy s pool, the hands of the sword out of the scabbard, into a layer of the blade to protect themselves and Wu Chi, that purple flame although terrible, but after all, is a range of attacks. Wu Chi may not stop, but the cloud is able to easily hold down the clouds. Go, want to Mangshan inside to escape. At the same time, Bai Rong has also included Li Yunpeng, including the remaining few people saved down, Chen Sheng said. Although this is already outside the Mangshan, but the direction of departure has been the demon will be blocked, if only Yunhe and Bai Rong two, it touches can try to break through the blockade, but now to protect their Wu Chi, but it is no matter How are the rush. Only the opposite of it, hiding in the Mangshan, with Mangshan complex terrain, in order to have a line of vitality. Yunhe and Bai Rong s reaction is extremely fast, in this case, but also simply not by the slightest hesitation, the moment, they hair straightening brush vs flat iron guard a few people toward the depths of Mangshan escape. Wu Chi clinging to the arms of the cloud, it is also fills, the other few people are simply to be starved with the star power to fly, to more embarrassed how embarrassed. Roar See Wu Chi they fled to Mangshan among the demon will be pursued. Barely fly a small half hour, whether it is white or cloud load also have some exhausted. Ca.to test their own only, simply not a great character. Now this war, will have their own light star of the news spread out, is bound to once again cause an uproar To that time, those really powerful opponents, will not really have any concerns of the shot. For yourself, that is the time when it is really dangerous. Just Wu Chi some do not understand why these people so for their own. Even if they enter the door when the high profile some of the, but also, after all, is to kill Jianjun Luo Ying s true disciples, no reason for no reason that someone came to their trouble only ah. To say that these are arranged Luo Ying, it is even more impossible, Luo Ying really want to clean up their own, some i. s the way, why use this means Can only say that Luo Yingming know that there will be these troubles, deliberately gave himself added a fire only, but that is not the focus. These things, their own in this fantasy is bound not to get a result. However, Wu Chi is also not to find Xu Zi an they asked the meaning. Although the loss of this loss, but Wu Chi did not think that the other will be so forget. Playing a small, naturally lead to the old. Xu Zian behind the quarter of a peak, should soon sit still, right Just do not brush straightener headkandy know, he will not personally shot waste Eyes reveal a touch of anger, quarter a impatient curse of a sentence, grow up. Ji brothers, who do not blame us ah Who can think of that Wu Chi so metamorphosis, just a month s time, ah, even lit the life of the stars, so that we have not even the advantages of repair, but also how could win Xu Zi an look bitter, careful argument Road. Mention this, quarter of a peak can not help but a slight delay. A month lit star, let alone brush straightener as seen on tv reviews Xu Zi an can not think of, even if he, also did not expect. From the lower bound soaring, directly by the Luo Ying Jianjun Jianjun a fancy, Wu Chi s talent is still on their own expectations ah However, the more so, Ji Yifeng suppressed Wu Chi s determination is more important. Frowned slightly wrinkled, quarter a peak Chen Sheng asked I heard that kill Jianjun ordered, so that from the core disciples, pick a female disciples to serve his diet Yes These things, Xu Zi an has long been inquiring about the very clear, honestly.

ring the prison cheap apalus brush hair straightener when the five heavy, it has been doomed to no longer back. For a time, three people can not help but silence down, just to reach the agreement easily brush straightener headkandy with the war was smoked vanished. We have no retreat. Looked up and looked at the night Shenxing and Wu Chi, Yang Xiuchuan Chen Sheng said Although here is dangerous, but it is more difficult than those who practice torture it This sentence is to make the spirit of the three are lifted. Can come here, three are in the prison community in the four tortured torture, the will of the firm is not ordinary people can imagine. Heart magic bridge, although dangerous, but compared to the endless death in the purgatory countless times, but a. lso considered what Continue to go The eyes reveal a touch of brush straightener headkandy a firm color, the night Shen Xing slowly said No matter how dangerous the five prisoners, the probability of success through how low, but the same people did not go through it Are we really Weaker than others Able hair straightening brush ubeauty to step by step now, who is not confident of their own Even if the probability of adoption is low Even if it hair straightening brush big w is only one ten thousandth chance of success, who dare say that he will not be that one ten thousand Yes, I brush straightener headkandy never believe in luck, only trust the strength. Nodded his head, Yang Xiuchuan calmly said Those people, but only the losers of the year, they live, not as we are, but we can die but we can fear Is not it Is so a few words of time, three mentality was re adjusted over. It sounds like it is too easy, but in fact, in this simple under the hidden is the most terrible will, strong confidence and pride. All the way forward, time seems to have completely lost its meaning Wu Chi even remember how many times they have been fighting with those who attacked, who already accumulated numerous wounds, whether it is the body or the spirit, have become unusually tired. But even so, the three did not take a step back. However, it is heavy, even if the full has been more than ten days to go, just died in the hands of the three attackers have been as many as nearly a hundred people, but still can not see the end of the heart of the bridge The Under that pressure, people can not help but will have a huge pressure. If for other people, fea.felt a trace of danger, however, this alertness is simply no meaning. A hair straightener brush verimark thought between the Wu Chi the whole person was white light imprisoned up, let alone a sword, and even a little finger also do not want to move. Why should I force me Eyes reveal a touch of fierce color, Hanshan angrily angrily cursed The old lady to force this point, what are the benefits to you Although the force is strong, but it is not he can have, this way to steal Xi Jun should be willing, has been Han Shan Shang as the final card, once exposed, even if there is no Xi Jun should kill, the dark star It will not allow him. If there is a way, he said nothing will be willing to use, but happens, Wu Chi abruptly pushed him to this point, do not use the desire, it may die in the crowd under the murder. The whole person was imprisoned up, and even no strength to fight back, life and death in the other between a read, but Wu pool has chosen or laughed out. Han Shan, my Wu Chi, but is a little man, can use this life, you forced the funeral of the dog like to flee around, panic can not all day, this account, how to count are not worth the loss is not it fart Han Shan people were gas shouted abuse, his face livid. On the years of effort ah, because of one step miscalculation, all destroyed in one, the kind of sad, how can outsiders can understand Now to this point, Wu brush straightener headkandy Chi even dare to ridicule him, which makes him how mad mad. Funeral dog This is scolded very ugly, but he is very clear that the reason why they are so angry, because the words of Wu Chi said that there is no wrong, or even just to poke his most painful place. Click Han Shan hair straightener brush the good guys is very angry, so this anger is bound to impose on the body of Wu Chi. The desire of terror fiercely crushed Wu Chi brush straightener headkandy brush straightener headkandy s body, this moment, and even came the sound of bone fragmentation. You may not know the terrible desire Cold looked at Wu Chi, Hanshan cold voice said cut off all cause and effect, the old lady will make you all the spirit, even into the reincarnation of the qualifications are not This life has been tired enough to live, who is willing to come again Mouth overflow of a trace of blood, the body is suffering a huge pain, Wu Chi is still a look of indifference, frivolous ridicule M.f everyone s mind. In the trend has gone, other people go all the way down, Luo Ying still proudly standing, heroic style hair. People in that, is one of the most sharp sword People like a sword, but not bend This is the Luo Ying, that is the Megatron sky stars kill Jianjun, even in the desperate, still can be proud to choose to fight This kind of Luo Ying, so many people ashamed. Even if it is Ling Tian Jianjun and cold star Jianjun, this moment, also shame is difficult to rise. No matter how many sounding reasons, drop is down, rebellion is rebellion The ancestors of the ancestors of the ancestors of the grace, and more than. Luo Ying one You can not do such a loyalty, but not qualified to ridicule such a Luo Ying. Even with your door disciples, die together, do not regret it Eyes fell on the body of Luo Ying, Xi Jun should be faint asked. In the face of Xi Jun should once again questioned, Luo Ying did not answer, but slowly raised the hands of the sword. This is Luo Ying s answer Watching Luo Ying, even if Xi Jun should, heart can not help but move. He despise the sword ancestors, so, for the entire Sword, also never see it. Whether it is Ling day Jianjun, or cold star Jianjun, in fact, have not been Xi Jun should be on the eyes of these people go down or not, simply did not have Xi Jun should be on the heart. At the moment, watching Luo Ying, Xi Jun should have to admit, after all, he still looked down at the Sword, look down on the Luo Ying Wu Chi can have such a division, perhaps, it may not be a bad thing. Moment, Xi Jun should be the heart, but it can not help but once again raised a fun idea. Luo Ying In fact, do not know, the presence of so many people, most concerned about Wu Chi life and death, I am afraid it is still the king Jun Jun should be. From the dark prison community, watching Wu pool step by step rise, Xi Jun Wu Chi s expectations, far more than anyone else imagined. Arrangement Wu Chi into the swords, in fact, he is the calculation of the ancestors of the sword, in the sword ancestors can not rely on their own refining the stars of the heart, see Wu Chi s talent, it will inevitably can not help but temptation The idea of playing Wu Chi body. All this, from the moment wit.

Brush Straightener Headkandy n so heavy Abolished repair, expelled from the door, which is almost broken Wu Chi s way ah. Jianjun think twice Moment of time, cloud charge face becomes pale, from the crowd to break. Jianjun, Wu even if the brothers are wrong, but also Buzhi Yu so heavy fills, please ask Jianjun think twice Eyes reveal a trace of cold, Ling Tianjian brush hair straightener on tv did not take the root of the meaning of Yunhe, snapped shouted not hands Just a little hesitation, and now another Ling day Jianjun so a cry, there will be Ling Tianfeng elders immediately went to Wu Chi s front, raised his brush straightener headkandy hand toward the fate of Wu Chi s point to go. Om Suddenly, a terrorist sword suddenly burst from the body of Wu Chi. Even now seriously injured, even if a repair is sealed, but the sword is still uncontrolled Kendo cultivation to this point, has long been without any constraints, even the simple sword brush straightener headkandy Italy, but also a great power. Mouth spilled a trace of blood, Wu Chi eyes reveal a touch of people s Han Mang. Ling Tianjian Jun, I am a repair is their own penance from, with the Sword have nothing to do, you have to me one by one, also fills, why waste my repair At the moment Wu Chi body revealed the murderous, even if the door of the elders can not help but the hearts of a cold, could not help but go back two steps out. Even if only the peak of the repair of stars, but now Wu Qi angry, but let everyone heart is difficult to suppress the birth of a trace of chill. joke Lengheng a cry, Ling Tian Jianjun disdain said When you when I was a million sword case Let you come and say, go away And so what, give me waste him, if dare to resist, Georgia kill on To this and so on, Ling Tian Jianjun is already iron heart, where will care about Wu Chi s attitude. A brush straightener philips grid to kill any discussion, so that brush straightener headkandy the hearts of the elders around the certain, as long as there are Ling Tian Jianjun words, not afraid of Wu Chi against the day to go. Moment, immediately there is the elders once again raised his hand toward the fate of Wu Chi points to go. boom For a moment, the body Qinglian Jianqi suddenly broke out Wu Chi is even half of the hesitation are not, who is his person, want to let him no resistance to being abolished repair, are a joke Repair sword who, when th.t seems that the heart finally completely settled down. Do not need any words, just forget the kiss So to say, down really really owed Jiang Zhengyang a human. Listening to Su Wan before the past few years to explain the things happened again, Wu Chi nodded slightly, said softly. Should be in the past few days, Jiang Zhengyang will come to see you. Nodded his head, Su Wan once again asked Yes, Yang is how will it be before Yang Ye also came to me, that is hope I can not hesitate, Yang will be my most credible friend. I am with Yang Xiuchuan an agreement only. Nodded his head, Wu Chi roughly in the prison community of four things to explain it again. Yang Xiuchuan s temper, if promised, naturally there will be no trace of muddy water At least in his own face, or that before the kill themselves, these promised things are bound to not go back. What are you going to do Silence for a moment, Su Wan asked again. Compared to her own, now obviously more concerned about the choice of Wu Chi. Prison community five, which is almost no record, and even the prison community are not, will encounter anything, it is impossible to predict. I ll stay here for two more years. Wu Chi replied softly. After returning, he also wanted to see Zhou Boyan and Yuan Ziyi again. Although Wu Chi did not continue to say, but Su Wan has already understood his meaning, in fact, brush straightener on short natural hair even before the export, Su Wan has been guessed. Wu Chi s temper, never half way people, have come to this point, and how will stop Between the words, someone gently knocked on the door. Wu Ye, there is a Jiang Rui Jiang son, said to be your friend, come to see. Slightly Yi Zheng, Wu Chi then pulled Su Wan opened the door and went out. Jiang Rui came some unexpected Wu Chi, but slightly thought for a moment, also relieved. Although Jiang Zhengyang s identity is higher, but. in fact, for Chiang Rui over to talk with their own, perhaps better. After a few years, once again see Wu Chi, Jiang Rui look can not help but some complicated. Vaguely remember, then in the prison community for the first time when the second time, their gap with the Wu Chi is not big, then again in the prison community once again played against the small hole, still Wu pool won. At t.

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