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Brush brush straightener lazada Straightener Lazada of millions. Wu Gongzi, it is not enough, you also help you point it Otherwise, really want to make a big, you also pick not clean ah Yang Yan went again in front of Wu Chi said. Wu Chi did not shoot things before, in theory, seems to have nothing to do with him, but in fact, but not so count. Really want to really up, he bought did not buy, is not the words of a person, can find who argue to go Yang Yan heard the words, others can not help but suddenly staring at the Wu Chi. They all eat such a big loss, Wu Chi if something is not, who will not balance the psychological. Aware of the eyes of everyone, Wu Chi heart can not help but burst of sneer, then staring at Yang Yan, slowly said Yang Yan is it Are you sure I want to throw out the star stone Wu Gongzi, sorry Now we all tied to a rope on the grasshopper, who can not escape ah Yang Yan sighed a word. Brow slightly pick, watching Yang Yan, Wu Chi if there is profound meaning, said little brother, my star stone is not so easy to take, you can not regret it. Heard Wu Chi this threat, Yang Yan smile Wu son, this is not what I take even if you want to kill me, then I have no way ah Sneer a, Wu Chi no longer hesitate, and path from the hands of the space thrown in the past. From Wu Chi this took over the space ring, Yang Yan this stunned discovery, Wu Chi actually had a total of only thirty thousand of the star stone. For a moment, the face was dark. This cargo is not the feelings of those things are not interested in the previous, but not much star stone ah Wu Gongzi, you too much worse ah Wry smile will be more than thirty thousand stars all out, the space ring back to the Wu Chi, Yang hair straightening brush durban Yan said helplessly. I have never said, how many stars I have. Faintly answered, Wu Chi immediately said If you feel enough, the ring you take away together This is so that Yang Yan almost did not vomit blood. The ring is also taken I Pooh ah, you break this ring what is worth something In addition to some daily necessities, that is, some wine, these things are white to send, no one to ah. In desperation, Yang Yan had to turn around, the brush straightener lazada more than eight million stars handed all handed Zhang Fengyang. Zhang brother, it is not, you even kill us, and only so much. Gl.any who can not stop, is bound to become the sky star Star Lord As long as Wu Chi nodded, will be able to become the master of. the pro disciples, hair straightening brush as seen on facebook access to incomparable distinguished identity, this opportunity in front, who can refuse it Seems to be afraid of Wu Chi did not understand what happened, Xiushui Jianjun once again said Wu Chi, sword Zu want to use your refining the stars of the heart, now has been defeated by the dragon escape brush straightener lazada the sky, This opportunity is in front of you, you do not thank Tian Jun it Xiushui Jianjun said the words themselves have a certain misleading, he said only Wanjian were owned by Jun Jun should, but did not mention Luo Ying refused. However, at the moment, even Luo Ying, also did not speak to explain. Although Wu Chi to do so much, even at life and death, but in exchange for Wu Chibu chance of life, but Luo Ying also understand their gap with Xi Jun should be. Now, in the face of Xi Jun Wu Chi to solicit, he also chose the silence. Eyelids slightly jumped, Wu Chi did not immediately answer, but will turn to the eyes of Luo Ying s body. Do you still go down Did not ask any details, there is no meaning in the identity of Jun Jun, Wu Chi recovered the first sentence, is brush straightener lazada still asked to Luo Ying, this alone is enough, it is enough to be ashamed of the. Hear the words of Wu Chi, Luo Ying heart can not help but a warm In such circumstances, Wu Chi has not been confused by the interests, but the first thought of him, really let him a burst of comfort, such a disciple, really did not let him down. The teacher by the sword ancestral preaching, how can the rebellion Slightly shaking his head, Luo Ying replied Xi Jun should be refining the stars of the heart soon, will soon become the Lord, if you worship him as a teacher, Good thing hair straightening brush facebook Wu Chi, you do not have to worry about me Although the hearts of some dismay, but in this case, apparently follow the Jun Jun should be the best choice, Wu Chi can think of him in the first time, rather than immediately agreed to have let Luo Ying very pleased, and now natural Will not stop Wu Chi Road. Luo Ying these words, it is tantamount to the default has agreed to Wu Chi another teacher, and who can not tell Wu Chi what is not to come

k flirting and said. Cut, even a compensable ten, and no one will buy him to win. I heard some people so shouting, Wu Chi can not help but some shook his head, how could not let it straightening hair brush cvs buy, which can be more boring ah Bale fills, who let me like to take risks, so, a compensable ten, I Out of the three thousand stars to buy Lee Young to win, you dare to take it Chapter 502, what do you want to rely on These words out, everyone can not help but suddenly Zheng Zheng Three thousand stars stone ah. this is not a joke, is simply gamble, the most important thing is that the money just like white picking the same, who do not want As if the fear of the impact of the crowd is not enough, Wu Chi wrist doubled, crashed a pile of stars from the hands of the space ring out of the pile of high heap, three thousand stars together to bring the visual Impact, for these disciples, it is difficult to use words to describe. Patted, Wu Chi lazily said how, you no one dare to take it For a time, all the line of sight fell to Wu Chi s body, seems to question his identity. Even the stars of the peak of the disciples, want to come up with so much of the brush straightener best brand star force is definitely not a simple thing. Dare out of this head, it is difficult to doubt Wu Chi s identity and intentions. If it can really calm down, perhaps the other side can react to come, but now so many stars to face the impact, but let too many people lost their reason. Over the years, Li Yunpeng in the show on the peak have always maintained a low profile, the strength to enhance the speed is not slow, but now full of full entry but also a hundred years only to be able to achieve the strength of the middle of the stars, is not easy. And that hook hook nose middle aged is really real peak, and is as early as thousands of years ago has reached the pinnacle of the strong stars, opposite those who really qualified to hit the true genius of the disciples, of course, nothing On Li Yunpeng, but how people can not see the possibility of losing. As for the Wu Chi will be fraud, it is even more impossible. This is Xiushui Feng, is Xiushui Jianjun s dojo, regardless of what identity Wu Chi, dare to lie here are court death. So that someone can not help but jump out, we bet.brothers, please read the first in the Yao Shidi sake, spare him this time it. Yes ah, Yao Young this time, after all, broke into the core of the top ten disciples, this time he was out of Jianfeng, a bit harsh ah You are questioning my decision Brow suddenly a pick, Wu Chi cold eyes suddenly slowly swept from a few people, new hair straightener brush cold quality asked. Moment, a few people suddenly a cold heart, facing the moment of Wu Chi, where dare to say half no word. Wu Chi is still just before hanging a name only, but now this war, but it is a complete proof of the strength of the true disciples, this way, Jianfeng above, who would dare to violate the meaning of Wu Chi Disciples do not dare Moment, that several disciples suddenly retreated back. Looked at Wu Chi, Yao Long tragic smile, Zhang Zhang mouth, but eventually nothing to say it. Standing on the stage, and did not go down the meaning of Wu Chi once again said Which one Young, want to challenge me, you can stand up. Ranked the top ten core disciples, have challenged the true disciples of the qualifications. Now Yao Long and Cheng best hair straightening ceramic brush Li defeated, there are eight. And in the true disciples, I am afraid Wu Chi is the only one strength has not yet broken into the stars, and has been the eyes of others before the soft persimmon, until this war, Qinglian Jianqi four stunning, fiercely other people s arrogance Pressed down. There are examples of Yao Long and Cheng Li, where there are people dare to jump out. Wu Chi stood on the stage of a tea time, this turned away. Although today s test is not over, but Wu pool has no longer any interest. Until Wu Chi left, the crowd suddenly blasted the pot again For most of the disciples, they are simply no tendencies, they only believe in their own eyes, only believe that the absolute strength. There is no doubt that this war, Wu Chi already afflicted them. That a Qinglian Jian Qi, no doubt has become the topic of all people talked about. From Wu Chi into the case began, are wore countless criticism and pressure, until now, finally began to really name the. More importantly, Mangshan things, has also been turned out again. If so, before most people are inclined to believe that Bai Rong, then from the beginning of this war, and fi.ot say anything else, but Wu Chi now a brush straightener lazada luxury dress, brush straightener lazada a look is not a lack of money the Lord, the woman pick Wu Chi, is also a matter of course. Just Wu Chi heard this, the heart is can not help but suddenly jump, immediately came to react. This woman is simply directed at their own. Mindful turn, Wu Chi soon to understand over, an opening will be ten thousand stone stone bet, and that every bet has to double, it is obviously want to scare off those irrelevant people. After all, can be free to come up with two hundred thousand stone of the people, apparently do not care about a woman, and interested in her people, and can not afford to dig out the two million stone bet. Just let Wu Chi do not understand is how the other side will be eyeing their own, the kind of familiar feeling, but also from where to come. These words long, but in fact it is just a flash of time only. It s interesting, since you want to lose to me as you wish. Mouth brush straightener lazada exposed a trace of evil laugh, Wu Chi Taitailielie s mouth replied, at the same time went to the stage, will be two hundred thousand star stone to the notary prison temple disciples, hair straightening brush india stature slightly flash, they jumped on the gambling platform. it is good Wu Chi s stage, suddenly attracted the following a good applause, it is not how optimistic they are Wu Chi, it is to watch the excitement is not too big. Son please Slightly bowed Zuo Yi, the woman smiled and spoke. Slowly, slowly Shook his head, Wu Chi frivolous looked at each other said Since it is your own bet, you have to let me know what you call it The name is just a call, the son of call me Funger is it. Again salute, the woman brush straightener lazada said softly, a delicate and charming look. Fenger, this name is also from the random, and simply can not guess anything. Wu Chi reason to come to power, is not really because the other side of the charm, but because of the kind of inexplicable sense of familiarity. But now the other side even the name refused to say, it is clearly not ask any clue to the. Fenger, this name is good slightly nodded, like a pair of like, but at the same time, the shadow sword suddenly start, suddenly toward the other side to go. Attack Even in the dasky hair straightening brush gambling, the face of such a beautiful woman, this slut.

Brush Straightener Lazada of terror is simply enough crazy puff The same is the chain through the clavicle, but the night Shenxing is the first time on the backhand caught the dead sickle, a knife that will be cut into two paragraphs Just the next moment, it was cut into two pieces of the poor will suddenly resurrection over, anger carrying a chain toward the night Shenxing killed over. Presumptuous, even dare to resist what identity with you, to the enslavement among the prisoners are the most degrawn Sin slave Eyebrows a pick, night Shenxing Lengheng said I am even the stars of God is really dead, but also how can you these ghosts can be humiliated Between the words, the night Shenxing did not hesitate to re brandished the knife in the past, abruptly killed this ghost again and again. This side of the misfortune, suddenly attracted the attention of other ghosts, but between a moment, there are dozens of ghosts evil evil to kill over Can be even so, the night Shenxing also the same fearless Death sickle in hand, as if the real death of the general, despite how many ghosts to kill over, are a knife beheaded Ghosts dying and resurrection, and then rushed again, again and again, simply kill Even more frightening is that, at the same time, there are more ghosts come together, crazy toward the night Shenxing kill, as if even the consumption, but also abruptly the night Shenxing consumption here. With the constant killing, the night Shenxing body of the crime of light is more and more rich, and even slowly spread out to go Similar to the night star, Yang Xiuchuan after entering, also the same pain killer But with the night Shenxing different, Yang Xiuchuan s purpose is stronger, he killed these ghosts at the same time, constantly fighting. the gun to save around the tortured innocent people These are saved from the innocent people though not the courage to kill the same as Yang Xiuchuan ghosts, but it will escape This run will make the scene more and more chaotic. But between a moment, everywhere they are scouring the ghost, surrounded by a mess And this confusion, but it is undoubtedly Yang Xiuchuan want. Constantly making chaos, and then in this chaos to seek the opportunity to get out, this effort brush straightener lazada is far deeper than the n.e tablets Finally, that hundreds of years, in fact, little effect. There are rumors that the people want to break through the original Yanbei Chen s record Mentioned these past, Zhou Xu spirit a bit better, asked curiously. Yan Beichen If Wu Chi they heard the name, is bound to be extremely shocked, from the prison community began four, Yan Beichen the name, it brush straightener lazada was deeply into their hearts. Although the already strong, but compared to Yan North Chen smile a bit, Li Fernan shook his head a hundred years time, over million enlightenment monument, that type of supernatural powers realized when the enlightenment monument forest at the same time bloom Guanghua, hard Life and. life in this enlightenment forest among the monuments gave birth to a Yan Beichen enlightenment monument, that is how amazing Owned by this dark prison community began, and only this one Yanbei Chen ah In the dark prison brush straightener lazada community, Yan Beichen the name, is a legend Do not say to break, and even close to his record of people have not appeared again. Of course, in fact, the two do not know Just before, the prison community four last test before, that a stone has been erased on the name of Yan Beichen Red brush straightener lazada robe plus body, life and death big sentence Wu Chi in an alternative way, broke the Yanbei Chen s brush straightener video record However, whether it is Wu Chi or Yang Xiuchuan them, in fact, for Yan Beichen the name, also have not a real concept, naturally they did not realize that it is a glorious thing. If you can go out this time, you also intend to continue to break down Looked at Li Fernan, Zhou Xu suddenly asked. Continue to break into the mouth, the mouth overflowing a trace of self deprecating color, Li Fernan shook his head We are even prison six circles are not in the past, why continue to break down This time trapped nearly ten thousand years, and finally wait until such a possible opportunity to get out, is already luck brush straightener lazada Is it still hope that luck is always in my body You said, they will continue to break down Zhou Xu s eyes fell to Wu Chi s body, once again asked. Hear this, Li Futan can not help but a slight silence a bit. What do you want to say Li Fernan, we have done before, we have the heart, you really feel that after leaving, he will.

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