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Brush Straightener South Africa millennium. Slightly owe, one of them respectfully replied. Now what a cat and a cat, dare to call the ancestors of the Zen Sneer a cry, Xi Jun should be disdain of ridicule With this idiot, even give him thousands of years, how can become the star Tianjun return, this heart of the stars, naturally Tianjun. Slightly shaking his head, Xi Jun should take it lightly The heart of the stars, the seat is bound to be sure, but now the strength ceramic hair straightening brush walmart of this seat damage, inconvenience to appear, that is, you today, do not have to see me again. Trapped in the dark prison for thousands of years, Xi Jun should now be trapped, but in fact, repair is not fully restored, not to mention, the dark star is bound to trace his whereabouts, this time appearance, Is tantamount to suicidal road. What does Tianjun mean Eyes once again. fell to the star door, Wu Chi s body, Xi Jun should indifferent, said The two little guys, is the seat of the selected people, this seat is not the time, you must ensure their safety. Heard Xi Jun should be, a few people only noted that the stars in the Wu Chi and Li Yunpeng two people, can not help but slightly Yi Zheng. Tian Jun s meaning is arrange them to pay into the brush straightener south africa swords Why should we arrange Slightly shaking his head, Xi Jun should indifferent, said They are just soaring on the upper bound to their talent, how to be willing to let the sword and how to let go San Cheng, just less than a stick of incense time, even refining the three into the star power Zheng Chang old, but we picked up the treasure ah Watching the door in the Wu Chi, Wan Jianzong two elders eyes revealed a touch of excitement, just the kind of reluctant to come and swept away the emotions. Wait, wait Another elders rubbed his hand and said As long as he can refinery more than seven percent of the star force, a core disciple s identity can not run Normally, just soaring people, among the stars in the most but only refinery only five of the star power, the rest is bound to be wasted. Fifty Star power, this is a threshold As long as more than five percent, will be a large door income door, and once the refining Qicheng star force, is the real genius, even if the worship of the swords of this large door, is bound to beco.swordsman turned, Wu Chi suddenly shot, the sword is approaching the extreme, but also fiercely to the extreme. Simply do not give any time to the meaning of youth, the shot is a full blow Even the young people have not come and react, the head has been flying up. A sword owl first This. sudden change, completely contrary to all the expectations, until the brush straightener south africa blood splash, the youth s skull out of the way, the other people finally came to this reaction, the mouth uttered exclaimed, deadly scattered and fleeing. Youth identity extraordinary, he even dare to kill each other, naturally far from what they can compete, this time to escape, is the best choice. After the killing of young people, Wu Chi did not rush to kill other people, but first from the young fingers to remove the space ring, in which to find the two gold swordsman, this satisfaction nodded The But also acting is brush straightener malaysia to kill, not to the two swordsman it Before the young swordsman broke the matrix method, Wu Chi felt the golden sword of the possible, it is no exaggeration to say that if the master of the sword in this, even to Wuchi now strength, I am afraid also Can not stop people readily sword. Now is the most dangerous time, Wu Chi is not mind it at the end it, found that the other hand even have this baby, this is not simply to give money boy Without any hesitation, even when the performance of such a play, abruptly swordsman from the other side of the robbed over. Compared to the Han Shan Shang left the two jade box, obviously the two swordsman more to let Wu Chi assured. As for the assassination of each other, may cause trouble that have to wait for their own life into the upper bound, have the opportunity to be trouble is not Besides, kill the idiot who is cents Palace Mo Yan Well, what is the relationship with him That swordsman s master have the ability to go to the palace of the trouble chant, kill a blood flow into the river to be good. Of course, as the fairy palace, is not really a man named Mo Yan bad luck who cares Chapter 445 We are picking up things Shameless Watched Wu Chi will be the two swordsman away, Li Yunpeng burst of pain, eyelids jumped, could not help but open the curse. He was here with the other side of the st.

t eligible to become the immortal core disciples. It is no exaggeration to say that you can break from the test to become the core of the palace of disciples, each of which is Tianjiao Tianjiao. Compared to other people, and now your strength, or a little lower, but the test of the fairy palace itself is for the broken star, once the repair for more than broken stars, they no longer have the qualifications to become the core disciples Luo Ying continued to explain Before the impact of the hearts of stars, although some of the dangerous, but you are also a blessing in disguise, perfect broken star, so, the opportunity will naturally much larger. Why repair more than broken stars, no longer have the qualifications to become the core disciples Wu Chi some puzzled and asked. It is said that with the immortal hair straightening brush heatons seven palace in the inheritance, repair once more than broken stars, the road has been formed, and then difficult to get heritage. These things, Luo Ying just heard it, not too clear. However, the rules of the palace has always been so, can not be changed. Now the distance from the beginning of the assessment, there are less than a hundred years, you are here to feel safe practice. Luo Ying said. Master respect, you are not here Wu Chi heard the meaning of Luo words, can not help but wonder asked. I have some other things to deal with. Shook his head. , Luo Ying did not explain the meaning of too clear. However, hair straightening brush best sellers Wu Chi mind a little thought will understand it over. Xi Jun should appear up the sky stars, and even captured the hearts of stars, this fact is too big, Luo Ying as witnessed all this person, is bound to explain with the heavenly people. Moreover, Jianzu fled into the stars, and now also disappeared, want to come to Luo Ying will find a way to find Jianzu. These things are in urgent need of Luo Ying to do, naturally can not stay in the fairy palace. Gently patted Wu Chi s shoulders, Luo Ying once again said rest assured that before the beginning of the fairy palace assessment, I will come back, you feel at ease is it. Yes, Master Nodded his head, Wu Chi bend should be Road. Settled a good Wu Chi, Luo Ying did not do more to stay, and soon left the Sin Temple again, this naturally no, then immediately toward the Bai Rong chase the past. and many more Wu Chi words have not finished, Yunhe already chased out. Wry smile rubbed his forehead, Wu Chi heart has given birth to a kind of ominous premonition. Although there is still some distance, but Wu Chi is also able to clearly feel that the demons of terror. Faced with this horrible demon, even if the beginning of a sudden turn to the ground, are not likely to e. scape the drop, not to mention, Yunge even want to help. Although not seen Yunhuo shot, but from the strength of Li Dongsheng, speculation can be speculated that probably come, this strength, in front of the demons, simply not enough to see, so rush to help, there is no meaning. Only the speed of the cloud is too fast, Wu Chi was too late to explain, it has been chased out, and now where can be stopped. boom The emergence of clouds, immediately let the demon will pay attention to the Wu Chi these people, the mouth uttered a roar, a moment, the situation changes, purple flame sky, swept toward the crowd. This time, Wu Chi is the real scalp tingling. Even if only a hit, but that the power of terror, but also as if to destroy heaven and earth. Between a few breathing, the first few people will be swallowed by purple flame, immediately died on the spot. Too late to have the slightest hesitation, Wu Chi immediately began to shrink into the inch of supernatural powers, and instantly toward the cloud load and Bai Rong position rush. Not he did not want to escape, but the face of this level of demon, he brush straightener south africa simply did not escape the slightest possible. But only to catch up with the cloud and white wing, in their help, only to get out of the line of hope. This judgment, only experienced numerous life and death, in hair brush straightener at walmart order to accurately judge it. Almost at the same time, Li Yunpeng also hair straightener brush white remind the shadow of the supernatural powers, followed by Wu Chi toward the clouds and Bai Rong side over. With the size of the supernatural powers, escaped purple flame, Wu Chi who is already scared brush straightener south africa out of a cold sweat. If not shrink into the inch of this life saving supernatural powers, I m afraid just that look, they have died under the purple flame. This side of the change, also attracted the att.ase based, homeopathic with their spirit also detonated together to become a real soul burst, to complete the jiangjun should be lore This is the Han Shan Master s all plans. Click Chill erosion, just to freeze everything up, but with the passage of time, chill finally began to subside. After all, there is only an incarnation of Han Shan Shang, he has to fight only just detonated Wu Chi soul time only, now Wu Chi has been ordered in an instant, chill control will naturally weaken a lot. However, that is, by this opportunity, Li Yunpeng finally found a shot of the opportunity. In this case, only he is not affected by the people, and now is the brush straightener south africa only possible to stop the people on the mountain. Such as ink knife, brazenly toward the Hanshan Master killed in the past. Eyes reveal a trace of indifferent color, Hanshan disdain said With you a person, do you think you are eligible to threaten me Even if only an incarnation, Han Shan Shang s strength, it is not comparable to Li Yunpeng, perhaps may not kill Li Yunpeng, but Li Yunpeng want to cut off this incarnation, there is no doubt that the slightest possible. Moreover, Han Shan people do not have to kill him, as long as the fall to Wu Chi fall, causing the soul burst is enough. Li Yunpeng alone, in any case can not stop him. Today, Han Shan is almost full of win in the grip, up to the time of interest, but all this will end, that time, he is the only winner. However, in this moment, the two breath suddenly came out hair straightening brush does it work from the outside. A strong life and death rhyme pavement and to This sudden change, suddenly stunned all the people, no one thought, this time, even someone will break into. A death sickle, brazenly open all. obstacles, black and white two gas flow, abruptly broke into them, appeared in the sight of all. Night star The next moment, followed by the stars in the evening after the brush straightener south africa stars, Yang Xiuchuan figure also appeared in the crowd within the line of sight. Eyes flow, a moment, the night Shenxing s eyes will fall to the Wu Chi s body. Aware of the exception of Wu Chi, night Shenxing stature slightly flash, even when it fell to the Wu Chi s side, wrist doubled, a strong vitality will then be injected into the Wu Chi s body. stop Eyes reve.

Brush Straightener South Africa tedly wishful thinking. Until Luo Ying left the door, Wu Chi were unable to master, naturally they can not have the opportunity to slip out. However, Luo Ying once left, others apalus hair straightening brush india naturally dare not control him the true disciples. Although the size of the supernatural powers have not yet excel, but Wu Chi has long been unable to bear the temper of the first slipped out. Brother Wu Had just stepped out of the power of the temple, immediately have disciples came to see the ceremony. Whether it is on the age, or entry time even repair, the other are in the Wu Chi above, but can not brush straightener south africa stand Wu Chi high identity, how have to call a senior brother. This brother, hello, hello Wu Chi Although this has been a month, but there is. no chance to contact with other people, really do not know how to call each other, had vague past. Wu brothers, the door has given you a good allocation of Dong Fu, with this really disciples of the token, you go to Yunfeng, the natural disciples will take you to. Hands offer the disciples of the token, that disciple Respectful opening explanation. Thank you this brother. Took the token, Wu Chi repeatedly thanked. Chubby a bit. Chuckle brush straightener south africa a bit, that disciple continued disciples breeze, responsible for some of the debris on the sword peak, brother called me breeze like. Breeze This name is really bad rotten Secretly Fufei a sentence, Wu Chi face is still full of a smile, breeze brothers, that Master respect him to leave what words Jianjun just told me to give you the identity token, no other command. Shook his head, the breeze then said However, brush straightener south africa Jianjun is not, this sword is to be closed, even Wu brothers, not come back. Smile on his face slightly stiff, Wu Chi pointed to his nose asked I am not a master of the true disciples Why Why can not I come back This is the sword of the command, the disciples are only ordered to act, please do not be difficult to disciples of the disciples Breeze expression, although respectful, but in fact, but obviously a look of oil and salt does not enter, Wu Chi hair straightening brush ionic naturally clear from this is not what to ask, but the sympathetic touched the nose to Jianfeng walk. Down the mountain, casually stopped a disciple, it is easy to ask the location of the down Yunfe.u Chi or Bai Rong, in fact, are testing each other, but in fact did not break the meaning of this balance. But the clouds are not according to routines, in the Bureau, her choice, but also the same time to break the balance, so that the situation completely deteriorated. Zheng Suddenly, the cloud hands of the sword, suddenly toward the white thorn in the past. That sword, it also means that before the kind of worship for Bai Rong, or even that trace of hazy love, are completely cut off the broken Perhaps at the expense of her life, may make the Council towards the worst direction. But at least this brush straightener south africa sword out, seeking is a fair, one of her heart of justice. She is a cloud of fairy, is only one step can be stepped into the broken star, become a true disciples of the cloud load Not an optional vase, not who s chips, but not who dragged down. boom Almost the moment of the cloud shot, Wu Chi eyes reveal a touch of Hanmang, suddenly forced, the hands of the demon heart thoroughly crushed. Yuno has made a choice, then unless he can ignore the cloud of life and death, otherwise, it must also make a choice. For a moment, demon monstrous Dozens of witch heart at the same time broken, revealing the Yaoqi has been enough to alarm the Quartet. Almost at the same time, will be able to feel, there are a few terrible eyes of terror, toward here fell over. Mangshan those real demons, are now looking for traces of Bairong, naturally immediately aware of the side of the exception, quickly brush straightener south africa came here toward here. To the speed brush straightener south africa of these de. mons, from the perceived rush, or even just a hair straightening brush jolie short time to send interest rates. And for the Wu Chi and cloud Dutch, the interest rate is the most dangerous moment. A moment of murder monstrous Deadlock was broken, then in any case Bai Rong can not allow Wu Chi and Yunhe two escape. Even personally shot will leave hidden dangers, but also refused to take care. Horror of the star force suddenly burst brush straightener south africa open, surrounded by nearly 100 meters of space, as if the sword was enveloped shrouded, sword scabbard, is the lore Sword broken void This is the real shot of Bai Rong really terror This sword, simply as if it will be directly within the 100 meters of the void completely chopped in gen.

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