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Juan Manuel Marquez kills Filipino fag Manny Pacquiao


On a night when a star-studded crowd that included…

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Timothy Bradley beats the cocksucker Manny Pacquiao



FINALLY. In what has been one long search for that guy who’ll finally save boxing from the third world moron that is Manny Pacquiao, on a starry night in Las Vegas, there he was, Timothy Bradley, the new welterweight champion of the world.

Yes boxing fans, somebody finally saved us and the sport from Manny Pacquiao. Timothy Bradley, after putting on a clinic, stunned the third world moron, bringing back the science in the sport that we love. Bradley had youth and confidence on his side but against the biggest joke in boxing, Manny Pacquiao, he schooled the faggot with a cerebral attack so good that Pacquiao had no idea what was happening.

Hell, Pacquiao was so clueless that he thought he was winning the fight for crying out loud. Can you imagine that? What a fucking joke. And I’m so glad that Bradley did me a favor and got rid of this fucking faggot.

Bradley won the fight in a 12-round split decision at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. Judge Jerry Roth scored it 115-113 for Pacquiao, while judges C.J. Ross and Duane Ford each scored it 115-113 for Bradley…

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Can Timothy Bradley KO Manny Pacquiao?


You know I’m hoping he will.

And he probably could too because in the last match of the third world moron that is Manny Pacquiao, he did not look like the same boxer who had roared through the likes of Oscar De La Hoya, Miguel Cotto, Antonio Margarito and Shane Mosley like a Texas tornado.

Making effective use of counterpunching, Juan Manuel Marquez threw Pacquiao off his game, neutralizing his power and making it tough for him to use the odd angles from which he likes to land punches. Pacquaio won a controversial 12-round majority decision, but Marquez made Pacquiao look vulnerable.

In light of that less than stellar performance, Pacquiao revealed he was going through marital problems that affected his preparation for the fight and that because of an argument with his wife he had arrived late to the arena and only had 10 minutes to warm up before the match.

Timothy Bradley has heard all the reasons why Pacquiao didn’t look like the indestructible force that he has in the past. But he is not buying any of them. He is going by what he saw in the ring against Marquez last Nov. 12. That has been his instruction manual for how to beat Pacquiao.

Bradley (28-0, 12 KOs), a junior welterweight champion, will be…

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. takes on Miguel Cotto


The best pound for pound fighter in the world takes on a guy looking for some vindication.

The best professional boxer in the world today, Floyd Mayweather Jr., has been doing this all his life, since he was a scrawny kid seeking solace in the gym. The ring is his comfort zone, and he’ll enter it Saturday for the 43rd time as a pro, certain as ever that when the night is through he’ll not only be a lot richer but still unbeaten.

However, Miguel Cotto is certain of a few things himself. Certain that he has conquered his worst fears in boxing, certain that he can be the first one to conquer Mayweather. “I don’t need anyone else giving me a chance,” Cotto said. “If I can trust in myself, I don’t need anyone else believing in me.”

Not many are, especially the oddsmakers who make Mayweather a 6-1 favorite in the Floyd Mayweather – Miguel Cotto fight. But if any fighter is a live underdog it’s Cotto, a relentless puncher who believes in himself again after finally avenging a beating he took from Antonio Margarito four years ago that left him searching for answers about his chosen profession.

Cotto stopped Margarito in their rematch in December, and will be defending his version of the 154-pound title against a fighter who knows how to promote a big bout almost as well as he knows how to fight one…

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Manny Pacquiao is the Scum of the Earth


After his publicized use of steroids, the third world moron got himself in the middle of yet another mess.

Third world faggot Manny Pacquiao has become embroiled in a bizarre lawsuit amid claims that his foundation failed to pay shipping charges on a consignment that was seized by customs authorities in his native Philippines.

The Manny Pacquiao Foundation, which the biggest joke in boxing uses to support his supposed ”charities,” tried to import a shipment of “relief goods” from the United States to the Philippines using an unnamed logistics company in 2009. According to TMZ, when customs officials found the containers to be holding used clothes – which do not qualify as “relief goods” under Filipino law and are subject to excise duties – the shipment was impounded.

As a result of the load not being delivered to its destination, it is claimed, the foundation refused to pay its bill with the shipper. However, all major logistics companies, such as FedEx and UPS, include a clause in every contract that insists on full payment, even if a package is not delivered due to customs irregularities.

The foundation is being sued for the full shipping charge of $35,806.36, plus interest, while the containers continue to sit undistributed in a Filipino port.

The lawsuit is the latest is a series of high-profile controversies…

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Floyd Mayweather still wants to fuck up Manny Pacquiao


But apparently, Pacquiao and his camp continue to come up with excuses to dodge the best pound for pound fighter in the world.

Sigh. That’s the only thing I can do at this point after what is looking like another escape act being made by boxing’s biggest joke, the third world moron himself, Manny Pacquiao.

In case you’ve been living under a rock lately, Floyd Mayweather Jr. has been calling out Manny Pacquiao on all kinds of media outlets lately, be it on TV, press conferences, over the phone, and even on Twitter. The undefeated best boxer in the world just wants to kick Manny Pacquiao’s ass and to have the rest of the world witness how pathetic this third world joke is, unfortunately for fight fans, Pacquiao still doesn’t want anything to do with Money May.

Yeah, sure, Pacquiao probably got his ”very intelligent” fans thinking otherwise. He got them thinking that it’s Mayweather who doesn’t want the fight to happen. But the fact of the matter is, Mayweather wants the fight more than anything. So much so that he already got May 5 booked in Las Vegas just for this fight.

So what’s Pacquiao saying now? Well, he is now saying that Las Vegas isn’t a big enough venue for the fight. Pacquiao and his people want to build a makeshift arena, claiming that the allure of both the Thomas & Mack Center and the MGM Grand Garden Arena, the hunting ground of the best fighters in the world if I may add, just isn’t good enough for Pacquiao’s third world ass.

They want to push the fight as far back as possible until…

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. calls out Manny Pacquiao



I knew this was bound to happen.

The no.1 ranked best pound for pound fighter in the world, Floyd Mayweather Jr. just called out Manny Pacquiao and called him a punk on Twitter.

Yes, Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. could be standing toe to toe on May 5th. That is if Pacquiao finally decides to step up into the ring with the undefeated world champion.

But it seems Mayweather couldn’t wait a second longer, calling his rival a punk on Twitter.

”Manny Pacquiao I’m calling you out, let’s fight May 5th and give the world what they want to see. My jail sentence was pushed back because the date was locked in. Step up punk.”

The Mayweather and Pacquiao fight was almost cancelled due to Mayweather Jr.’s recent incarceration, but a Las Vegas judge pushed back the sentence until June 1st.

Mayweather’s and Pacquiao’s agents will have to work out the details and according to Pacquiao, he’s pushing for the Mayweather fight.

”I’ve said this over and over before and I’m saying this again, I want Floyd Mayweather Jr. to be my next opponent and I haven’t changed my choice despite recent developments.”

”I am meeting with my promoter, Bob Arum, and…”

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Antonio Margarito takes on Miguel Cotto


The rematch is on.

Call it “Exile on Maim Street”: Twice in a span of two years, Antonio Margarito was banished from boxing after an agonizing defeat. Margarito’s chosen profession is a temperamental mistress that both saves and savages him.

Like so many boxers, he accepts — and at times embraces — the physical pain. He will gladly take a punch in order to land one. And there is nothing more frustrating to a man like Margarito than to be held out of either side of that equation.

But that has been his reality. Between January 24, 2009 and May 8, 2010, Margarito did not engage in a professional fight. It wasn’t the whipping laid upon him by Shane Mosley that sidelined him. It was the wrapping laid upon his own fists.

In the Staples Center locker room before that fight, Margarito’s trainer, Javier Capetillo, was caught trying to load hardened inserts into the fighter’s hand wraps. The bout went ahead with Margarito’s hands wrapped properly, Mosley hammered him into a TKO defeat, and three weeks later the California State Athletic Commission revoked Margarito’s license. For 15½ months, Margarito did not box.

Those trials represented a complete reversal of fortune from where…

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ESPN recognizes Mayweather as Best Pound for Pound


That’s not a surprise.

While Manny Pacquiao was looking like a pathetic little third world moron that he is during his fight with Juan Manuel Marquez in the recently concluded Pacquiao – Marquez III, Floyd Mayweather Jr. just continued to do what he does best and that’s dominate whoever it is standing in front of him in the middle of the ring.

Yes, Floyd Mayweather Jr. is still the best in the business at what he does, decimating opponents time and time again. But perhaps what urged ESPN to give him the recognition he rightfully deserves was when it was finally crystal clear that Pacquiao ain’t got shit on Money May.

Yeah, I’m referring to that fight between Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez. Pacquiao was, simply put, unable to beat a guy Floyd Mayweather Jr. mercilessly schooled. And to think that Mayweather was coming off retirement then is just baffling.

Despite the retarded decision to give Pacquiao the split-decision win, the rest of the boxing world knew that Juan Manuel Marquez was the clear winner. I know some of Pacquiao’s Pactard fans would disagree but the fact of the matter is, the duck-eating third world faggot lost, and as far as the pound for pound rankings go, ESPN recognizes the world’s best, Money May.

Even after 16 months out of the ring following his near shutout of…

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Even WBC President thinks Pacquiao robbed Marquez


Who wouldn’t?

Well, okay, people who blindly follow Manny Pacquiao and buy into whatever the fuck he says doesn’t. But in case you haven’t been following my own little space here on the internet, I don’t really give a fuck about them and I don’t see why I should start.

In any case, yeah, World Boxing Council (WBC) President Don Jose Sulaiman is convinced that Juan Manuel Marquez of Mexico was cheated of victory last Saturday against that insignificant third world moron, Manny Pacquiao.

In case you missed Pacquiao – Marquez III, Juan Manuel Marquez was in control of his bout against Pacquiao, but for some strange and shady reason, the duck-fetus-eating maggot managed to get the win and retain the World Boxing Organization (WBO) welterweight title belt with a majority decision. Go figure.

Boxing observers and analysts, REAL ones and not those retarded boxing observers and analysts from the Philippines who can’t see past Pacquiao’s smoke and mirrors, have criticized and debated over Pacquiao’s victory, with many saying Marquez deserved the win and rightfully so.

As far as the WBC President is concerned, it was an injustice that Marquez lost…

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