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UFC President Dana White says UFC 149 sucked



And this one was their first trip to Calgary too. Ugh.

The UFC’s success in the last 11 years has been based upon deep cards filled with evenly matched fights in which the athletes took risks in a desire to put on a show.

None of that occurred on Saturday at UFC 149 in a very lackluster main card at the Scotiabank Saddledome, in which Renan Barão claimed an easy unanimous decision over Urijah Faber to claim the interim bantamweight belt.

Fans in Calgary and in social media sites blasted Dana White before the fight for what they perceived as a poor card. A slew of injuries to high-profile fighters decimated the fight card, but White spent the week before the show angrily defending his men.

He said to anybody who would listen that “our guys always deliver.”

On Saturday, though, they did not and White wasn’t shy about sharing his displeasure. After Barão’s unanimous decision was announced, the crowd stuck around and booed loudly to let White know what it thought of the company’s first trip to Calgary.

Appearing on the post-fight show on Fuel TV, White said he was “not too excited about” how the card turned out, though he wasn’t nearly as upset with either Barão or Faber. The rest of the fighters on the main card, though, felt White’s wrath.

Heavily hyped middleweight Hector Lombard fell flat on his face…

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Anderson Silva – Chael Sonnen rematch in UFC 148


The biggest fight in the UFC to date is here.

It’s the rematch between UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen for the main event of UFC 148 fight fans and in case you missed their last fight, I guess you have no idea how big the rematch actually is.

Despite Chael Sonnen doing one of the most brilliant promotional jobs in the history of sport, there was no greater demand than usual to see UFC 117 on Aug. 7, 2010, at Oracle Arena in Oakland, Calif.

Anderson Silva put his middleweight title on the line against Sonnen that night and, despite an hilarious and completely unexpected verbal war waged by Sonnen in the pre-fight build-up, it did little to change minds. The fight was expected to be a one-sided rout when it was made and, despite Sonnen’s best efforts, when the bell rang that night, most still believed that Silva would squash his loud-mouthed challenger.

The perception was that they were two different calibers of fighters and that Silva’s skill would easily overshadow Sonnen’s bombast. Less than a minute into the fight, though, a straight left from Sonnen nearly floored Silva. About 100 seconds into the bout, Sonnen had landed four or five significant left hands, which left the champion reeling.

Halfway through the opening round, Sonnen was on top and driving his shoulder into Silva’s head, bouncing it off the mat like a basketball. Jaws dropped around the arena as the realization hit one, then another, then another: Sonnen was doing everything he said he would do, and more. His words were no mere idle boast. It was reality and Silva was being pummeled like he’d never been before.

Nearly two years later, they meet again Saturday in the…

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UFC babe Arianny Celeste arrested



You can put me behind bars with her anytime.

TMZ reports that UFC Octagon Girl Arianny Celeste was arrested on a domestic violence charge.

A report from MMA Weekly confirms she was released from the Clarke County Detention Center on a $3,000 bond.

She was not present for the preliminary fights in UFC 146, but was seen on-camera at the beginning of the third-from-last fight of the night.

UFC president Dana White commented on her absence from the early fights.

“Arianny is our baby. She has been with us for over five years. She is a good girl and an amazing ambassador for the UFC.”

”I don’t know all the details of what happened but we have her back and support her 100 percent,” White told Yahoo! Sports.

Celeste was in Las Vegas for UFC 146, and worked weigh-ins on Friday.

A UFC Octagon Girl’s basic job is to hold up a card between rounds that display round numbers, but they also serve as ambassadors for the UFC, meeting fans, doing autograph signings, modeling UFC gear and serving as one of the faces of the UFC.

She hosts the UFC’s web show…

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Junior Dos Santos vs. Frank Mir in UFC 146



And this one is for the UFC heavyweight championship of the world.

The theme for the Ultimate Fighting Championship lately seems to have been built around bumpy roads to title fights. And UFC 146 Saturday night at the MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas is no different.

Heavyweight champion Junior Dos Santos puts his title on the line for the first time when he meets two-time former champion Frank Mir. But Mir’s path to a shot at his third title is steeped in controversy not of his making.

Dos Santos (14-1, 8-0 UFC), a heavy-handed Brazilian with 12 knockouts on his resume, was scheduled to fight former Strikeforce champ Alistair Overeem, the top contender after beating Brock Lesnar in December. But when Overeem failed a random drug test in April with elevated testosterone-to-epitestosterone level at more than twice what the Nevada Athletic Commission allows, he was yanked from the fight.

Frank Mir (16-2, 14-2 UFC), already booked for a fight on the same card, moved up a spot for a chance to add to his legacy just a month before the fight.

“I guess people are looking for me to say something special about it, but a fight’s a fight,” said Mir, a Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt regarded as one of the best submission-savvy heavyweights in history. “I was glad I was in good enough shape to take the opportunity.”

Dos Santos, for his part, said he doesn’t care who he fights…

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UFC boss ok with Brock Lesnar’s return to the WWE


Oh yes he did.

In case you didn’t know, Brock Lesnar made his return to professional wrestling on the latest episode of WWE Raw after retiring from mixed martial arts last December.

The timing of the move was shocking to some. Lesnar had competed against Alistair Overeem at UFC 141 just three months prior. Following his loss at UFC 141, UFC president Dana White did not confirm or deny if Lesnar could return to wrestling.

However, it appears White gave the former WWE star his approval, as the former UFC heavyweight champion made his presence felt in the squared circle once again.

When asked how he felt about Lesnar returning to the WWE, White responded via Twitter, stating he was genuinely happy and held no hard feelings toward him.

After Lesnar announced his retirement, White assured his MMA career was finished. Despite only competing in the sport for three years, he defended the 265-pound South Dakota native. Reoccurring bouts with diverticulitis had hindered Lesnar’s recent performances and his health as well.

”Here’s what Brock said to me, he said ‘I’ll tell you what…’

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Rampage Jackson’s rocky return to Japan



Disappointment. That’s what Japanese fans hoping for the return of Rampage Jackson got.

You see, UFC 144 in Japan was supposed to be coming home party of Quinton Rampage Jackson, but it’s been anything but smooth thus far. The former Pride star who fought for much of his career in Japan struggled through his training camp to get ready for opponent Ryan Bader, and after an injury occurred, he went against his doctor’s advice and decided to stick it out and take the fight anyways.

The result? An overweight Quinton Rampage Jackson lost via unanimous decision to Ryan Bader. Jackson pointed towards the injury as to why he came in so heavy for this fight and just couldn’t shed the extra weight.

”Well, I wasn’t going to say anything. I thought I was going to make the weight, but I got injured in my camp that kind of hindered me from doing a lot of running. But I didn’t want to miss this fight cause this fight’s so important to me and I fought so hard to get it. So I said forget it, I’m just going to man up and still make the fight,” Jackson told Fuel TV after the weigh-ins ended.

Back in the Fuel TV studios in Los Angeles, former UFC middleweight champion Rich Franklin was there as an analyst. He stated that coming in that much over weight generally means a fighter didn’t take their job seriously or something happened during camp that prevented them from making weight.

Obviously, as Jackson revealed, an injury seemed to be the cause of his weight cutting problems, but the former Pride star took Franklin to task for questioning if he was really taking the fight with…

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Can Rampage Jackson beat Ryan Bader in Japan?


I’m really hoping he can.

Arguably one of the most popular UFC fighters to come out of Japan, Quinton Rampage Jackson returns to the Land of the Rising Sun as he takes on Ryan Bader in UFC 144.

Quinton Rampage Jackson is one of the few fighters on this card that hark back to the good old days of Pride, when the Japanese promotion led the way in mixed martial arts. A lot has changed since then of course, but there is no doubt that this fight will be eagerly anticipated by the Japanese crowd.

It is no secret that Rampage Jackson’s biggest asset is his raw punching power. He spends fights looking for the opportunity to land that one right hand that can change any fight. Against Jon Jones, this approach made Jackson look rather one dimensional, which he is not. Jackson is a good boxer with brilliant wrestling ability.

In his Pride days, Rampage would brutally slam opponents and execute violent ground and pound, but we do not see that so much anymore. Nowadays, Jackson is using his wrestling to just stay on his feet and hunt for the knockout finish. His ability to slip or eat punches and counter has more often than not been enough to rely on. But in recent years, opponents seem to have grown wise to his approach and Rampage has fought to some controversial…

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Frankie Edgar takes on Benson Henderson in UFC 144



And this is for the UFC lightweight championship.

The UFC returns to Japan for UFC 144 as Frankie Edgar defends his UFC lightweight championship title against top contender Benson Henderson.

Japan holds a special place in the hearts of many fighters and fans as it was the home to some of the best fighters in the sport in the early part of the century. Zuffa (the UFC’s parent company) bought Pride in 2007 and the organization was shut down shortly after.

The UFC now has far surpassed Pride’s popularity and heads back to Japan with a great card that blends old Japanese favorites and some of the new faces of MMA.

While Japanese fans may be most looking forward to the return of Rampage Jackson to their shores, the headlining bout is an incredible lightweight title between Frankie Edgar and Benson Henderson.

Ben Henderson is an incredibly well rounded fighter. He possesses unrivaled pace and energy as he showed in his incredible fight against Clay Guida at the inaugural UFC on Fox event. He has brilliant powerful wrestling and diverse striking. Even when he goes to decision it is not for lack of trying to finish his fights, as he is always exciting.

Defending UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar, on the other hand…

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Rampage Jackson returns to Japan for UFC 144


And as far as Rampage is concerned, he would love to fight for Japanese fans again.

Heading to his match against Ryan Bader in UFC 144, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson is pumped about the fact that after quite a long spell, he’ll be fighting in front of the Japanese fight fans again.

You see, in case you didn’t know, Quinton ”Rampage” Jackson became a main staple during his tenure in PRIDE FC and earned somewhat of a cult-following with Japanese fans. The 34-year-old Jackson went on to establish himself as a household name, due to his aggressive style and colorful personality.

And when he returns to Japan next weekend to face Ryan Bader at UFC 144, he’ll be looking to entertain fans once again. “I really miss the fans, I’m not going to lie. I really miss fighting there,” Jackson said during a UFC 144 conference call.

It was his love for the Japanese fans that excited him and allowed him to collect such a violent array of wins over some of the organization’s top stars, including his vicious knockout slam of Ricardo Arona.

Jackson recalled the fans not taking much interest in a fighter’s statistics or winning streaks, which helped him perform and put on exciting matchups, whereas in the UFC, it ultimately determines one fighter’s success.

Since coming to the UFC in 2007, Jackson has seen…

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Frankie Edgar favored to beat Benson Henderson



That’s a first.

Yes, Frankie Edgar is a favorite heading to his title match in UFC 144 against Benson Henderson.

This is the first time that UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar is heading to a title fight as a favorite. But as far as the champ is concerned, he couldn’t care less. ”I didn’t even know I was the favorite. I really don’t pay attention to those things,” Edgar said. ”I’ve been the underdog most of the time and I’m finally favored to win. The more I win, the more respect I’m going to get so that’s always the plan.”

As the UFC prepares for its return to the land of the rising sun, the promotion’s current lightweight champion finds himself as the unlikely overseas ambassador while headlining UFC 144 at the end of the month.

A native of Toms River, N.J., Frankie Edgar’s journey from homegrown wrestler to the defending UFC champion remains one of the sports most inspiring stories with surprisingly deep roots in foreign soils.

In his first taste of fighting internationally, Edgar shocked the world by not only capturing the lightweight title, but doing so in convincing fashion against one of the all-time greats in BJ Penn, all while fighting in the UFC’s first event in Abu Dhabi at UFC 112. Now set to go to Japan for his fourth title defense, Edgar looks to continue his…

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