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Hair Straightener Brush Heated if you can win me, let alone tell you brother, call your grandfather will do. Li Dongsheng teeth teeth cursed. Grandpa is not necessary, I can not you so much grandchildren Oh yeah, these words can not be heard out, Lazy voice again from within the Dongfu came out, straight from the head of Li Dongsheng head blue veins storm. Are you still a man I am not a man, what is the relationship with you To be concerned about, and that is what you think of what Yunao Shimei care, you do not have to deal with this leisurely heart. Dong Fu outside the ban is strong, there is no ban token, simply do not have to worry about the other can break into, there is a guarantee, Wu Chi naturally no fear of fear, is completely a deadly man s posture. Bastard, you hair straightener brush heated know you are not happy What is your thing, but also with coveted Yunhe Shimei What is your kind of gentleman is the division of the division to serve me, which also need me coveted I looked at, is your coveted people s beauty, right Shaking his head against the walls of the Dong Fu, Wu Chi said frivolous But, you say so, I really is more curious What about your brother, can not be ugly. Wu Chi, I want to kill you was Wu Qi gas mad, Li Dongsheng fiercely sword cut to the ban on the Dong Fu above, but tightly dang a trace of ripples, do not even want to break the ban. You are in the threat of hair straightener brush heated me Eyelid on the pick, Wu Chi sneered Even between the same door, can not help but fight, can not help but die You a core disciples of the district, but dare to speak to kill my true disciples Thought that my teacher is not in, the door of the door, then no reason why it Speaking of the last, Wu Chi s words have been revealed a wipe machine. Moment, Li Dongsheng s heart can not help but suddenly a cold. As Wu Chi said, with the door fight does not matter, but it is not allowed to kill the killer, especially Wu Chi this is killing the only disciples. Jianjun, if he came out to kill Wu Chi things, will undoubtedly make him into a passive. But he had just been Wu Qi anxious, and this is not words. What do you think of the villain Do you mean that I am not a true disciple, you have to decide Gee, is it that I am wrong, you are not the core disciples, but Jianjun it Fighting broke out, accurately blocked the veneer to this Jianmang. Rao is so, the strength of the gap is still impossible to erase all. Although the release of most of the power, but Wu pool is still hurt by this sword, spit out a bloody. If the test, this naturally has been the outcome of the separation. Unfortunately, for Wu Chi, this has become a real life and death fight. Despite the hit, but even the eyes did not blink, but by the impact of this moment, with a faster speed toward the white glory past. This sudden change, but also the same stunned Bairong. So horrible Kendo supernatural powers he is simply unheard of, as if they fall into a quagmire in general, everywhere controlled, the power is constantly weakened. The original is bound to be the second cut, even abruptly Wu was blocked again. This result, no doubt made him surprised and angry However, Bai Rong but also after all is not the weak, even in this case, still maintained an absolute calm Do not look at Wu Chi and blocked this cut, but in fact, but also undoubtedly the same hit, such a case, simply can not stand the third cut For their own strength, Bai Rong is undoubtedly have enough self confidence. Regardless of Wuchi at the moment seems how amazing, but also after all, only the peak of stars only, and then exquisite supernatural powers, but also the need for strength support, even if it is not in the Kendo as Wu pool, and even suppressed, he can also by virtue of the absolute strength of grinding Pressure, beheaded Wu Chi Eyes revealed a wipe, Bai Rong did not the slightest hesitation, once again move, pushing the third cut to kill. Just, Bai Rong but did not notice that this process, Wu Chi has been getting closer to him. Xinghua Ji cut itself is almost no retreat Kendo supernatural powers, once the shot, they will not give their regret the opportunity. Nine cut all the changes contained therein, unless it is completely changed to complete, or hair straightener brush effects all the stars of the body squeezed clean, otherw. ise it is absolutely impossible to retreat. In order to beheaded Wu Chi, Bai Rong is constantly pushing the sword, and strive to play the greatest power to. From the water mirror to block the first cut after the block, Wu Chi is constantly.

of others, the rest are all that the three Dongfu occupied by the main house. This is because Jiang Zhengyang is not competition, Lu Shaochuan was killed by the night star, the last two also died in the hands of Yang Xiuchuan results. Stature suddenly flash, Yang Ye first flew to the prison station, and now so many people, the only one without any pressure, I am afraid that is Ye Ye. With Yang Ye take the lead, the remaining few people are also all to the prison community to fly. To this point, the delay has been meaningless, then it is only desperate to hold the test of the prison community, to obtain the soul of the soul to survive the hope. Wu Chi did not immediately leave, but will once again fell to the eyes of Su Wan s body. Tightly pulled Wu Chi s hand, the eyes flashed a trace of complex color, Su Wan, after all, suddenly a bite, pushed the prison mark. Wu Chi, alive back, otherwise I will not live alone Voice down the moment, Su Wan s figure then slowly disappeared. This sudden change, can not help but Chiang Kai shek and empty monks and others at the hair straightener brush heated same time pale. Wu Chi, Su girl this is Looked at Wu Chi, Jiang Zhengyang Chen Sheng asked. This is a man thing, with her a woman have anything to do Shrugged his shoulders, Wu Chi a very impatient look, Zhengyang ancestors, careful Yang Xiuchuan, my things, you do not worry about the trouble Listening to Wu Chi this seemingly kindly reminded, Jiang Zhengyang is almost no blood spit it out. Be careful Yang Xiuchuan Do you still say that According to his plan, the original is to let Jiang Wenfeng control Su Wan, and then dragging Su Wan with Chiang Jia people stay to. gether, this way, if Yang Xiuchuan to Jiang Wenfeng start, it is bound to even kill together Su Wan Wu Chi s temper, if you do not want Su Wan died, it is bound hair straightener brush heated to fight to block Yang Xiuchuan. In this way, Jiang Zhengyang will be able to get out, whether it is to return to Dong Fu protection Jiang Rui, or find the opportunity to Yang people in turn threaten Yang Xiuchuan talk about the conditions, can control the situation in hand. Who can think of, Wu Chi even in the prison community hair straightener brush price in bangladesh to open the moment, directly to the Su Wan left the prison community triple, or even stay stopped, Wu Chi put aside those messy thoughts, concentrate on the beginning of the front of the stone see the stone Now this situation, only from the stone on the start, perhaps a little bit to solve the prison community six secret. Moreover, there are days in the hand, at least there is insta magic hair straightening brush with led display straightening hair brush ulta a retreat in the way, in fact, Wu Chi mind is not particularly worried. Once the beginning of reference stone, Wu Chi unconscious will be immersed in. Stone rules contained in the rules of the road, as if a hair straightener brush heated high power law, not only to enhance the perception of the avenue, but also seems to be able to realize the corresponding law from the door to. For the lack of some of the background of the Wu Chi, this is undoubtedly a great help. Originally seems to have some card to the bottleneck of the repair, it seems also followed, once again with the signs of a breakthrough. Chuan Road, itself is a perfect process of their hair straightener brush heated own Avenue And these stones, is undoubtedly played a role in the analogy, the benefits are difficult to estimate. If there is not so much here. , but only a few dozen or hundreds of words, I m afraid Wu Chi they have long been ecstatic. Chapter 417 My two friends are better than me Enlightenment test is not their own strength, but savvy There is no doubt, in terms of understanding, Wu Chi no doubt demon demon level, but even so, hair straightener brush heated in this stone, Wu Chi also stood a full half a month, this finally through this stone. A thought between, Wu Chi s body revealed a touch of purple thunder power. Gee, great ah, just half a month s time, even on the awakening of this Lei property of the monument to the monument Look at you look, should be the major force of thunder, right Almost in the Wu pool through the moment of this stone, a voice suddenly rushed from behind Wu Chi. This voice is very strange, neither Yang Xiuchuan, but not the night stars. Moment, Wu Chi heart suddenly surprised, suddenly turned to look to each other. Into the eye, is a black and short ugly man, his face hanging a trace of ridicule of the color, walking in front of a few meters outside the Wu Chi stopped. Mind turn, Wu Chi immediately opened Wu Chi seen predecessors. Wu Chi feel the tension, Zhou Xu grinned his mouth, What predecess.e is far from what we can imagine, but his enemies are dark stars, and even the whole upper bound Follow this person, a road hair straightener brush heated to the black, do not say, whether you have the possibility of success, even if the success, since then, into the entire upper bound of the wanted, you think after the difficulties of Xi Jun Can you really think of your disciple Wu Chi this remark did not directly say the export, but direct transmission to Li Yunpeng. Eyelids slightly jumped, Li Yunpeng did not answer, but the eyes of the killing but in the silent dissipation of many. Over the years, his heart is the hair straightener brush heated biggest worry is this, but subconsciously escape, will. be expected to sue and Xi Jun should be able to sleep after the upper bound to compete with the master only. Wu was now so simply opened, the hearts of inexplicable irritability up. You are also very clear that I must have the upper bound of the master in the As long as you defection, is bound to be appeased, as to say that you are due to what reason, must be his threat Do not forget that all this The roots are in his body, as long as they can kill him, all the trouble will be resolved. Wu Chi said very seriously, not the slightest point in the joke mean. incite defection This is in the Wu Chi back to the dark prison before the idea of thinking, is best hair brush straightener for short hair undoubtedly one of the best way. At the same time, Wu Chi once again loudly said Li Yunpeng, I admit, maybe I can not stop you kill them, but I can guarantee that as long as you dare hands, heaven and earth, whether you fled to the ends of the earth, I will take You are on the head. If that is before the promise of those benefits, then now is a naked threat. Million enlightenment monument of the background, is undoubtedly beyond his many. Had a fight with the Wu Chi, in fact, he still lost a chip. Once the stubborn hatred with Wu Chi, hair straightener brush Wu Chi may now neatly he can not, regardless of Wu Chi finally choose who, as long as the upper bound, it is bound to become the most terrible enemy. This threat is also very effective for him. No one who is really not afraid of death, Li Yunpeng naturally no exception. Silence for a moment, Li Yunpeng slowly sounded I have made my own vow to help him out of trouble So, no matter.

Hair Straightener Brush Heated ld, naturally also by these Han Shan disciples Keep in mind. Over the years, Han Shan has always been above all the family and martial art above, can be chosen on the recent days, but there have been two successive into the Hanshan into the. Yang Xiuchuan before, is now Wu Chi. The face of Yang Xiuchuan, they feel is like a mountain hair straightener brush heated like pressure, and now face Wu Chi, despite Wu Qi mouth hanging a faint smile, but also the same reveals a touch of palpitations of power. Please come later, so I ll go to the Hanshan. With the example of Yang Xiuchuan first, these Han Shan disciples who have been destroyed a lot of arrogance, at the moment to face. the abruptly into the Hanshan Wu Chi, but also not too presumptuous. The news has not spread to the Hanshan ear, hair straightening brush for ethnic hair they first disturb the song Lu Fei. Moment, Song Lufei almost gas to crush, apart from anything else, carrying a sword suddenly broke down from the mountains. Do you still dare to come to me Anger carrying a sword broke over, far from the voice of Song Lufei will be straightening hairbrush israel passed out. Brow slightly a pick, do not even need to explain Su Wan, Wu Chi can guess each other s identity. The eyes revealed a chill chill, and even did not speak, there is a terrorist sword Italy, suddenly toward the Song Lufei pressure in the past. Click And even have not close to Wu Chi within ten meters, Song Lufei suddenly felt a suffocating pressure, the hands of the sword brazenly cut out, this break open that invisible sword Italy, but at the foot of the pace but after all, or was abruptly Pressed back. The eyes reveal a touch of bloody, Song Lufei hate cursed Wu Chi My son and you no injustice no hatred, but was used by Yang Xiuchuan hair straightening brush john frieda only, you actually Henla will hair straightener brush olx be killed, blood debt, today also want to live Out of the cold mountain Song brothers Seeing Song Lufei has runaway, suddenly Han Shan disciples approached tightly grabbed Song Lufei They can understand the song Lu Fei Wu Chi hatred, hatred and can not be able to enhance the strength of half points. The face of hard to break open ice mist into the Han Shan Wu Chi, Song Lufei simply do not have the slightest chance of winning, rushed up, can only be sent to death only. If the average person, in the face of such.stand, that day the real Tianjiao what is shocked hair straightener brush heated Yan Yan. Now within the door, the only one with the opportunity to compare with those heaven and earth, afraid of only Wu Chi a person only. If Jianzu really successful refining the stars of the heart to become the Lord also fills, if the failure, Wanjian were afraid there will be a big robbery. He is now hard for the door to fight for the immortal palace qualifications, is a rainy day. But the matter related to the sword ancestors, these words, but he can not say to anyone. See Luo Ying does not say, Xiushui Jianjun also no mention. Slightly silent for a while, Luo Ying slowly got up, I can stay here for a long time, some things, is bound to deal with the first, otherwise, I m afraid their courage is really bigger and bigger. Having said that, Luo Ying s eyes have been revealed a wipe machine. Kill Jianjun, the name, itself is to kill out, Luo Ying hair straightener brush heated has never been any soft hearted generation. If the door in the door, I m afraid he is not just an account, but the early death of the blood flow into the river. Watching Luo Ying to leave, Xiushui Jianjun slightly sighed, it seems that some regret, but after all, still shook his hair straightener brush heated head, slowly put the cup in front of softly said The furnace is not enough, this tea, Said the taste Luo Ying suddenly return to the case, no doubt set off a wave No matter who, are very clear, this time Luo Ying is because Wu Chi back, just this concern, do not know how many people jealous of madness. Of course, compared to others, at the moment of the cloud load is more cramped. It is said that she had to serve Wu Chi, that is, Luo Yingqin point, and now Luo Ying Guizong, is bound to see Wu Chi, Luo Ying will be what attitude to her, really difficult to predict. Some of the dizziness was clouded, Wu Chi turned his eyes and said Yun He Shimei, you d rest for a while, so dangling, not tired Is it true that it is true When you are the same as you do not heartless No good gas grunted, cloud after all, but still stopped. Nonsense, you have not touched, how do you know my heartless A look of contempt glimpse of a cloud, Wu Chi seems to think of what, a very skeptical look said No, you are not taking advantage of Did you sneak me.

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