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Hair Straightener Brush Ionic to the sky stars. Space, in front of the king seems to be just a joke From the emergence to enter the million swords, Xi Jun should only take only three steps. Shrink inch inch If Wu Chi can see the moment of the Jun should be found, this is the real shrink inch, thousands of miles as a step, depending on the space if nothing. Compared hair straightener brush ionic with the original that was trapped in the black prison community, was the dark chain of embarrassment, at the moment Xi Jun should, is to show the share of peerless style Tianjun Jun Jun should Mouth revealed a touch of ridicule of color, Xi Jun should leisurely appear in the palace outside, indifferent eyes, fell to the sword from the body. Jianzu, steal the hearts of thousands of years of stars, and now you always give the king of the bar Simple sentence, then suddenly make the situation change Xi Jun should only just lost his hands behin. d the vanity, they reveal an unspeakable deterrent. Whether it is Luo Ying, or Xiushui Jianjun, Ling Tianjian Jun, cold star Jianjun them, at the moment in front of Jun Jun should be eclipsed. As if he stood there, is the only heaven and earth Originally forced to refining the hearts of the stars of the hair straightener brush ionic sword ancestors, it is looking big change, the eyes revealed a touch of real fear of color. Other people may not know Xi Jun should, but how can he forget Tianjun Jun Jun should ah At hair straightener brush instyler first, this star of the heart itself should belong to Xi Jun should be, just because Xi Jun should violate the day, the dark star to personally shot into the dark prison community, this let him from the Temple of this opportunity to fight to the hand. After the interval of tens of thousands of years, in such a moment, once again see Xi Jun should, how can he make him not scared The Chapter 521 Xiushui defection, internal and external problems Xi Jun should be In addition to the ancestors of the sword, Ling Tian Jianjun also recognized Xi Jun should, as the first to pay the disciples of the Sword, he and Xiushui Jianjun had met Xi Jun should hair straightener brush ionic be the style, even to the present Fear has never been dispersed. Tianjun Jun Jun should Luo Ying pupil suddenly shrink, and finally aware of the crisis today. Although he did not know Xi Jun should, but it is. $txt2 = preg_replace(\'/^\\s+/m\', \'\', $txt2);

today, simply deliberately seduce me You are not already guessed it Know Wu Chi is not affected by their own Mei yi, Yang Yan is not stupid, of course, hair straightener brush in target understand that before the restaurant among the elegant, she and Zhang Fengyang their dialogue, has long been Wu The pool was heard. But this bastard, obviously know, but also pretend to be their own charm, so that they like a fool, like hair straightening brush ebay uk their own paste to make him thin. This shameless bastard, really the knife Yang Yan looked angry look, Wu Chi heart can not help but slightly a swing, this woman, really cute tight it Have come to this red. bare. Relative to the point, Wu Chi is not a saint, but also how could stand it Fingers slightly raised, fell to Yang Yan s chin, slightly on the pick, Yes ah, since you want to seduce me I naturally want, as you wish Voice down the moment, Wu Chi immediately kissed up again, Yang Yan s mouth completely blocked. Whining Suddenly heard Wu Chi this, Yang Yan is almost going to wronged c. rying, gas can not wait to kill this bastard good. Ghosts would like to seduce you Was kissed the breath, Yang Yan angry, immediately a cruel, suddenly toward the Wu Chi that hateful tongue bite. If this bit bite, even if not the whole tongue was bitten, at least have to hurt the slut screams out. However, in Yan Yan want to bite the moment, but suddenly felt the legs were separated, the lower body burst of pain, ah s cry out. Until this moment, Wu Chi once again left her lips. Bastard you promised hair straightener brush ionic me Feel the body was really Wu Chi invaded, Yang Yan suddenly grievances cursed out loud. Promised me How can I not remember. Mouth spilled a smile, Wu Chi fingers fell to Yang Yan s face, gently stroked his face hair, said softly bastard, you promised, you lie to me Well, even if I promised you good but I regret it Suddenly hard, Wu Chi once again moved up. Shameless This time Yang Yan is really Wu Qi gas hair straightener brush ionic cry, this slut, how can so shameless Watched Wu Chi once again kissed, Yang Yan determined to bite the bastard with the same, but the body was constantly impact, already lost strength, where also bite down. Can only be angry curse this bastard, can be gradually, in the Wu Chi this hair straightener brush for sale slut under the constant impact of the mouth whinin.en within the prison community within the triple, also the same can not stop him soaring. Tragedy crashing down, but also abruptly Li Yunpeng from the shadow of the supernatural powers forced out. Pupil suddenly a shrink, the moment, Li Yunpeng to guess the straightening hair brush pyt meaning of the night Shen Xing. This is not intended to retaliate against him, but want to use the power of robbery Wu Chi. Breaking the void soaring, this breakthrough triggered by the movement, hair straightener brush ionic too big, regardless of Wu Chi in the first few prison community, are bound to be able to perceive to. So now night Shen Xing, when to use this approach, the Wu pool cited over. After all, this time, their purpose is to send things to the hands of Wu Chi, as long as the completion of this goal, it is possible to save the day. Of course, for the night stars, this is undoubtedly the most dangerous. Driven tragedy, and now he is bound to bear the tragedy of the attack, but also forced to break hair straightener brush ionic the space barrier, broken void. In this way, can be divided to deal with the power of Li Yunpeng, will undoubtedly much smaller. Li Yunpeng once seized the opportunity, or even Wu Chi has not arrived, he must first be killed by the other side. This is simply in their own life to pass the message. No matter from what point of view, it seems that the night Shenxing no need to fight, after all, now really dangerous person is Wu Chi, but he still did not hesitate to do. At this moment, Yang Xiuchuan can not help but move. Li Yunpeng may not understand why, but he is clear, the night Shen Xing has. been saying that he owed Wu Chi a life Now in this really may be related to the success or failure of the time, the night star is willing to risk the risk of body to do all this, but also off the Wu Chi s human. This kind of courage, but also can not be done by anyone. boom hair straightener brush ionic Understand the night Shen Xing mind, Yang Xiuchuan hands shot a pendulum, once again toward Li Yunpeng kill Night Shen Star has made a choice, and he is now the only thing to do is to make every effort to help the night Xingxing Li Yunpeng may attack the attack Click The whole of the seven prison in the sky, have been torn a hole, that terror of the tragedy, no doubt clearly appeared in the prison communi.e dismissed that the test of confiscated, but they did not even the slightest excuse. Slowly out hair straightener brush ionic of the sword, open the body of Bai Rong, Wu Chi calmly got up, a blood, but did not look the slightest moving, such as the eyes of the water fell to the surrounding disciples, a long time this faint opening If the door test, I am not as good as a lot of people, but if life and death fight no matter who wants my life, but also always pay a little price For a time, the whole Yan Jianfeng a silence. No matter brush straightener black hair who, it seems not on the eyes of Wu Chi at the moment. This is a downright madman, really dare bet on life, immortal madman. Wu Chi before won the three really disciples, at straightening hair brush on natural hair the moment the hearts are a cold cold. If before, Wu Chi took out half of today s vicious, they absolutely can not win Wu Chi ah. On the test, Wu Chi how can not be Bai Rong s opponent, can really fight and die, lying on the ground of the body is Bairong, this result, no doubt that straightening hair brush seen on tv all frightened This ni. ma is outright crazy ah Chapter 514 If you do not make a fine, why Sitting on top of the high platform, three Jianjun s face are some ugly. The first place, many elders are also looking gloomy. In the case of the big difference out of such a big thing, the impact is too bad, thousands of years have never been such a thing. Liu Changli Although the look of sluggish, but still still be left hair straightener brush ionic down, this thing can be said that it is because of his sudden obsession caused by obsessed, otherwise, how could not fall to this point. No matter what, he is so blamed. The whole ratio is so paused, and now around the high platform has been slow down the disciples, waiting for the handling of this matter. Suddenly a push, Wu Chi was two disciples escorted to the high straightening hair brush dafni platform before. Was seriously injured, Wu Chi look like a panic, bloodstained clothes and even did not replace the body of the repair is more closed, however, even to the present, Wu Chi s face is still still not the slightest fear of the color. Kneel Admiral Wu Chi s disciples at the same time snapped sigh, while forced down pressure Wu pool shoulders. However, no matter how hard they are, Wu Chi s body is still standing straight. I am not guilty, why kneel Bow head, Wu Chi s.

Hair Straightener Brush Ionic oreover, Believe that you will soon come to accompany me Xi Jun should have been trapped, how long can you escape it You will regret it, you will regret it Eyes reveal a tra. ce of crazy color, Hanshan people suddenly openly said I will kill all the people who have a relationship with you, and even your little world Will always be destroyed The old lady may die, but always have enough people to bury I promise, you will regret it. boom For a moment, Han Shan Master suddenly urging the fiercely toward the soul of Wu Chi rolling away To the willingness of the crushed Wu Chi s spirit, so Wu Chi never go out, even in the reincarnation of the qualifications are not, it seems that only in order to resolve his anger in his heart. Breathe between Wu Chi to feel the soul of a burst of pain, the kind of pain, even far more than before in the purgatory experienced all the torture are terrible. Souls collapse broken, it seems that even every trace of memory are completely broken up, crushed, into a thorough destruction. Such a force, is not Wu Chi can resist, even more frightening is that now he even painful screams are not sent out Watching hair straightener brush ionic Wu Chi painful struggle, Hanshan Shangren s eyes revealed a trace of pleasure. At most, but between the count, Wu Chi will completely disappear, no trace of trace. As long as the killing of Wu Chi, he was sure to break open other people containment, escape the dark prison community, even after destined to flee everywhere, but it is also stronger than dead. Click Wu Chi in the spirit of the crushed, it seems to completely annihilate the moment, soon as the fragmentation of the voice suddenly sounded, as if something broke the confinement, from the Wu Chi body Chung out. Trance, Wu Chi has been crushed on the spirit of more than a harsh red robe. Bright blood red, at the moment turned out to be so eye catching, so that Han Shan s eyes are not controlled on the top of the fall, after a brief breakaway, is a hard to understand the fear of breeding from the bottom of my heart. Has broken the spirit of the red robe appeared in the moment of solidification, and then in a bizarre way to re cohesion This process is long, but hair straightener brush ionic in fact it is just a moment of things only. Had really do not care about these. Although it seems just a little thing, but she still still brought some shock. Now she became a true disciple, but still still live in Wu Chi here, after the news came out, is bound to cause great criticism, which she guessed, but not put the next, the heart has been a lot of pressure, Can not ignore the views of others. Time goes slowly. Zongmen big ratio has finally officially started. In the million swords have a special on the Jianfeng, the mountain is relatively slow, but the place is much larger, you can easily accommodate tens of thousands of disciples watch the war. For the disciples of disciples, each door is better than the best chance of fame, if the performance is good, they have the opportunity to fame and fortune, this way, naturally pay special attention. Of course, for Wu best hair brush straightener india Chi them, the first of these days simply nothing, as long as sitting on the view of the sword on the peak is it. Wu Chi itself is not interested in these, naturally look a little lazy, as if simply do not care about it all. But this scene fell into the eyes of others, it is more dazzling. A few days later, the core disciples of the test is nearing the end. To this point, the core of the disciples in the real genius, it gradually appeared in the sight of all of them. Which is the largest dark horse, is undoubtedly Li Yunpeng Who did not think that this is only the middle of the disciples of the stars, even by virtue of the extreme fierce sword of the sword, abruptly broke into the core of the top ten disciples Before the membership also unknown Li Yunpeng, became the eyes of all the evildoer. In addition to hair straightener brush ionic Li Yunpeng, there are three or four people to Wu Chi more attention a bit. Which impressively there Yao Long. To this point, the background of the peaks will be revealed. The top ten, there are seven people from the four Jianjun under the door, the real membership by nameless fight out of the ordinary disciples, only three people only. Among them, Jianfeng only only one person Yao Long. Just from the current situation, Yao Long is really the most promising to win the first genius. The top ten of the core disciples, each have a chance to challenge the truth to the disci. ples.

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