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Hair Straightening hair straightening brush 2016 Brush 2016 any who can not stop, is bound to become the sky star Star Lord As long as Wu Chi nodded, will be able to become the master of. the pro disciples, access to incomparable distinguished identity, this opportunity in front, who can refuse it Seems to be afraid of Wu Chi did not understand what happened, Xiushui Jianjun once again said Wu Chi, sword Zu want to use your refining the stars of the heart, now has been defeated by the dragon escape the sky, This opportunity is in front of you, you do not thank Tian Jun it Xiushui Jianjun said the words themselves have hair straightening brush 2016 a certain misleading, he said only Wanjian were owned by Jun Jun should, but did not mention Luo Ying refused. However, at the moment, even Luo Ying, also did brush straightener boots not speak to explain. Although Wu Chi to do so much, even at life and death, but in exchange for Wu Chibu chance of life, but Luo Ying also understand their gap with Xi Jun should be. Now, in the face of Xi Jun Wu Chi to solicit, he also chose the silence. Eyelids slightly jumped, Wu Chi did not immediately answer, but will turn to the eyes of Luo Ying s body. Do you still go down Did not ask any details, there is no meaning in the identity of Jun Jun, Wu Chi recovered the first sentence, is still asked to Luo Ying, this alone is enough, it is enough to be ashamed of the. Hear the words of Wu Chi, Luo Ying heart can not help but a warm In such circumstances, Wu Chi has not been confused by the interests, but the first thought of him, really let him a burst of comfort, such a disciple, really did not let him down. The teacher by the sword ancestral preaching, how can the rebellion Slightly shaking his head, Luo Ying replied Xi Jun should be refining the stars of the heart soon, will soon become the Lord, if you worship him as a teacher, Good thing Wu Chi, you do not have to worry about me Although the hearts of some dismay, but in this case, apparently follow the Jun Jun should be the best choice, Wu Chi hair straightening brush 2016 can think of him in the first time, rather than immediately agreed to have let hair straightening brush 2016 Luo Ying very pleased, and now natural Will not stop Wu Chi Road. Luo Ying these words, it is tantamount to the default has agreed to Wu Chi another teacher, and who can not tell Wu Chi what is not to comeplatform waiting for you Before staying here, is to wait for Wu Chi, now see people, the night Shen Xing naturally no interest to continue to waste time. Although can not recover the soul of stone, how many pity However, Wu Chi before that step by step lotus of the Kendo means, but also really aroused the hearts of the night Shen Xing proud. Wu Chi Shang and be able to feel in the Baili Daoguang Kendo, make a breakthrough, then he would be willing to be in place Even if only a set of soul stone in hand, but the strength, he was still in the Wu pool above, this way, how could lose to Wu Chi Glanced a. t Wu Chi one, Yang Xiuchuan did not speak, the same leap into the flames into the sea. Between the moment, the whole high above, then only left the Wu Chi and empty monk two. Seeing two people leave, Wu Chi mind also relieved. Do not look at his performance before a pair of indifferent look, but in fact, the heart has always maintained vigilance. If the evening Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan continue to force, he is bound to fight back, or the first step into the flames Although there is a set of soul stone in the hand, night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan really take him no way, but so rush to go into the sea of fire, for him, it is definitely not a good thing. Amitabha His hands together, empty monk looked at Wu Chi said Wu Ju Shi bold means amazing, poor monk admire This is the so called boldness and means, naturally refers to the former Wu Chi pocketed four femjolie hair straightener brush reviews souls of stone things, you know, even if the empty monk is also considered bold, and never thought from the hands of Yang Xiuchuan and the stars in the hands of the tiger The Compared with Wu Chi, he was the trend of cooperation with hair straightener brush price in pakistan Yang Xiuchuan, to protect their own that a set of soul stone action is too stingy. Master of the means, I also admire the extreme At least I can not solve the good fruit. Dao Tan Tanshou, Wu Chi casually said. Once again referred to the good fruit, the empty monk naturally understand the meaning of Wu Chi, smiled, Wu Ju disabilities vertical capital, a small fruit must have been hard to beat you, why the poor monk things Although Wu Chi now looks very strong thunder, but here, after all, is the prison community four.

hi heart burst of shock, before those who do not understand the place, are also completely clear up. Han Shan s attitude is a bit too good, even if they are among the Han Shan, Han Shan to kill the disciples, he is still not angry, which in itself some unusual To know, even if you do not care Song Lufei life and death, simply to face, but also to discuss their own argument is. Can be from here after the. Han Shan Shang Ren is simply did not mention this matter. Until the beginning of the mountain Hansi mentioned that they want to soar, take him back to the upper bound, this will explain hair straightening brush 2016 everything to understand, and only this can be said that the attitude of the people on the mountain. Slightly pondered for a while, Wu Chi this slowly opened and said Master has already come back to the hair straightening brush 2016 million it, these time, soaring people should not one is not right Years of time, it is too long, golden world is too big, out of the genius is absolutely not a few. If it is before, Wu Chi may also think that soaring is very difficult, but now Wu Chi is very clear, simply want to soar, is definitely not a very difficult thing. In fact, can be in the prison community among the three, occupy a Dong Fu people, at least have 34 of the grasp can be soaring. So the calculation down, if the Hanshan hair straightening brush curly hair people want to find a person who can soar, take him back to the upper bound, should not be too difficult things to be right. Do not be so simple. Shook his head, Han Shan Shangren explained I want to return to the upper bound, I must be in the crossing when the robbery together to break the space barrier together But my presence, now This is the rule of heaven can not be, once there is, it is bound to make the power of robbery doubled to enhance This way, crossing the robbery of the people, but will be my involvement, died under the tragedy. Only really can ignore the existence of genius talent, in order to break the impact of tragedy, take me back to the upper bound. Moment, Wu Chi s brain suddenly emerge out of the shadow of the world monster. Had the world when the monk rose soaring, it is undoubtedly indifferent to the tragedy, the kind of style and style, so far recall, still from shocking inexplicable Han Shan who want.f everyone s mind. In the trend has gone, other people go all the way down, Luo Ying still proudly standing, heroic style hair. People in that, is one of the most sharp sword People like a sword, but not bend This is the Luo Ying, that is the Megatron sky stars kill Jianjun, even in the desperate, still can be proud to choose to fight This kind of Luo Ying, so many people ashamed. Even if it is Ling Tian Jianjun and cold star Jianjun, this moment, also shame is difficult to rise. No matter how many sounding reasons, drop is down, rebellion is rebellion The ancestors of the ancestors of the ancestors of the grace, and more than. Luo Ying one You can not do such a loyalty, but not qualified to ridicule such a Luo Ying. Even with your door disciples, die together, do not regret it Eyes fell on the body of Luo Ying, Xi Jun should be faint asked. In the face of Xi Jun should once again questioned, Luo Ying did not answer, but slowly raised the hands of the sword. This is Luo Ying s answer Watching Luo Ying, even if Xi Jun should, heart can not help but move. He despise the sword ancestors, so, for the entire Sword, also never see it. Whether it is Ling day Jianjun, or cold star Jianjun, in fact, have not been Xi Jun should be on the eyes of these people go down or not, simply did not have Xi Jun should be on the heart. At the moment, watching Luo Ying, Xi Jun should have to admit, after all, he still looked down at the Sword, look down on the Luo Ying Wu Chi can have such a division, perhaps, it may not be a bad thing. Moment, Xi Jun should be the heart, but it can not help but once again raised a fun idea. Luo Ying In fact, do not know, the presence of so many people, most concerned about Wu Chi life and death, I am afraid it is still the king Jun Jun should be. From the dark prison community, watching Wu pool step by step rise, Xi Jun Wu Chi s expectations, far more than anyone else imagined. Arrangement Wu Chi into the swords, in fact, he is the calculation of the ancestors of the sword, in the sword ancestors can not rely brush straightener boots on their own refining the stars of the heart, see Wu Chi s talent, it will inevitably can not help but temptation The idea of playing Wu Chi body. All this, from the moment wit.the door If the same door test, I naturally will not kill the next, before the test, I lost three games, is proof Paused, Wu Chi continued But since he Bai Rong and I did not see the same door, Want to set me to death, how can I stay with him In my opinion, just that it is not the same door test, but life and death fight In my case, life and death fight, that is, do not ask victory or defeat, only life and death These words, suddenly all the hearts of all the disciples have thrown a trace of chill. Do not ask victory or defeat, only life and death These eight words revealed in the decisive and crazy, is luma hair straightening ceramic brush that these practitioners have always been in the door of the disciples difficult to understand, but this does not affect their understanding of the meaning of them. If not experienced numerous life and death, how can understand the truth of this one Mangshan things, there is no evidence You said, not enough. Suddenly, the cold star Jianjun calm mouth However, when the test, Bai Rong has to kill your heart is good. Slightly bow, Wu pool once again said Bai Rong since there is to kill my heart, then this is not a test, but life and death fight, since so, dare to ask Jianjun, disciples wrong Lingtian Jianjun once again said Bai Rong even if wrong, own door regulation He escaped fighting sword Taiwan is also, is the door will not give you a deal Slightly nodded, cold star Jianjun natural recognition Yes, the disciples made mistakes, their own door regulation, since he has been under the sword sword, you did not arbitrarily dispose of his power. Cold cold heart, cold star Jianjun itself always adhere to the door gauge, no sub who. Cold teacher tease right Nodded his head, Ling Tian Jianjun once again said In my opin. ion, hair straightening brush 4c hair so heart vicious, if not disposed of, will be troubled When the waste to a repair, expelled from the door. Eyes reveal a chill chill, Ling Tian Jianjun suddenly open, these words are so that everyone can not help but suddenly a cold heart inappropriate Xiushui Jianjun brow suddenly pick, shook his head and said Ling days Young, Wu Chi even if wrong, but also Buzhi Yu so heavy fines, according to me to see him into the prison wall is it. Jail on him has no meaning. Cold Star Jianjun.

Hair Straightening Brush 2016 l time, responsible for the safety of the elders suddenly obsessed, unable to stop, others want to rush, but not so fast. Luo Ying hair straightening brush did not return to the case, this is undoubtedly the best chance to kill Wu Chi. Twelve of the time, as long as the use of words, en. ough to kill Wu Chui several times. Of course, to make such an arrangement, not only when Bai Rong, Ji Yifeng also have to take some risks, but as long as they can kill Wu Chi, all this is worth it. Even after the return of Luo Ying rage, there will always be some scapegoat to Luo best hair brush for straightening hair Ying angry. For Ji Yifeng s ability, Bai Rong is still very trust. This is not just a quarter of a person s things, I am afraid hair straightening brush 2016 there is still behind the brothers, and even Ling day Jianjun s inspiration, naturally can be described as foolproof. Paused, Bai straight up hair straightening brush Rong then openly said Now afraid he refused to participate in the big ratio After all, he has to withstand the challenges of the core disciples, if not yet into the broken star on the grounds refused to continue to participate, He has no way. Today, this war to win the beautiful, so, this way, Wu Chi is relatively more free. He will continue to participate. Raised his head, Ji Yifeng calmly replied. The sound is very light, but reveals a strong self confidence. Why not Lying in bed, Wu Chi lazy looked at the cloud and asked. Is enough, and now even if you refuse to participate in the big ratio, there will be no one contempt for you A hundred years time, grow to this point, has been amazing enough As long as you can enter the broken star, Will become a heavenly arrogance, then, is that you and other true disciples when the commander of the time. hair straightening brush 2016 Yun He shook his head to persuade the road. I said, I do not care is not someone will despise me. Shrugged his shoulders, Wu Chi casually replied I shot, this is nothing to do with these. Paused, Wu Chi continued Moreover, even to discuss with Bairen a fair, it can not be so. Mangshan things, do not you forget what I said, will discuss a Bai Rong Fair. Mangshan mentioned, the cloud can not help but a slight delay. Mangshan things, she had no day or forget, if not win over Bai Rong grasp, she probably already have to challenge Bai Rong. Lazy turned a body, Wu Chi con.e, watching Ma Shijie, I do not know what to say. Some annoyed, Liu Changtong big step toward the two walked. Did not seem to hair straightening brush 2016 be aware of other people close, watching Chen fog, Ma Shijie look a bit complicated. She naturally could not have thought that this war ended in this way. And did not enter the fog, she seems to be all out of tune with all this. Although no one seems to blame her, but it is clear that no one to greet her, as if she has been forgotten in general. In addition to Chen fog are Although, Chen fog have so far have not yet opened, but quietly standing in front of her, can bring her uneasy, but more heavy, she even hair straightening brush 2016 hair straightening brush 2016 rather Chen fog and did not come. Silence for a moment, Ma Shijie faint opening You are to Xing division to question it Poet Looking at Ma Shijie, Chen fog shook his head gently, poem sister, I did not blame your meaning That is my own choice, I just want to tell you I like you, than anyone else like No matter what you do, my life will never blame you. Chen Fu said this is very serious, it seems that every word represents a commitment. Moment, even though Ma Shijie heart can not help but suddenly Yi Chan. She naturally can feel Chen fog are sincere, but also precisely because of this, only more and more embarrassing. Compared to Chen fog, she hair straightening brush 2016 seems to be a disgusting joke. Bang Punch furious hit over, crisp will be down the Chen fog Liu. Changtong shot very heavy, this punch hard life will Chen fog teeth are destroyed a few, mouth full of blood. Are you still a man Angrily staring at Chen fog, Liu Chang hastily cursed and said I have to see hair straightening brush 2016 you, just this woman where you Is there a little bloody Can you live without you Bang While cursing, Liu Changtong followed by a punch is punched out, once again Chen fog all teeth destroyed a few. And did not mean the slightest resistance, Chen fog slightly head down, and even did not even say a word. A push Chen fog, Liu Changtong to see the eyes of Ma Shijie full of murderous, apart from anything else, followed by a punch to pound Ma Shijie. This distance, Liu Changtong s fist is not Ma Shijie can resist. However, seeing in this punch is about to hit the body of Ma Shijie moment, has not answered the Chen fog are suddenly stride.

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