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Hair Straightening Brush Thick Hair ple. Pen off life and death This sentence, but it is so that Wu Chi can not be frightened scared. Although there is no life and death have been sentenced to death, but Wu Chi has a kind of intuition, if it hair straightening brush thick hair is really sentenced to death, I am afraid it is possible to fall off life and death, a hook to the stars and Yang Xiuchuan life. I am afraid that is really a dead end. However, now life and death is not a big shot, but the judge pen to the guard of the command, it is given a line of vitality. Just, what is life and death Command adults, big sentence why should the guardian of life and death While back to the back, Wu Chi asked hair straightening brush thick hair side. Not clear Shook his head, guarding the commander replied life and death in the deepest point of life and death, it is said that reversible life and death, but in addition to life and death, no one knows what. Hearing this, Wu Chi finally determined. Life and death of the door is actually a test of the good fortune, through the heavy test of the key, I am afraid it is in the door of life and death. Mind turn, Wu Chi is forced to once again pressed to find out what the idea. Moreover, Wu Chi also want to see the power of this judge pen. Moment, Wu Chi has been followed hair straightening brush 450 degrees by brush straightener for wet hair the guard back to the temple outside. So for a while, those guards are almost almost killed and killed in Wu Chi they return at the same time, the two have also abruptly broke into the temple of life and death. Bold Judge pen in hand, guarding the momentum of the moment for the one like, eyes revealed heated hair brush straightener a wipe the machine, suddenly openly snapped The two criminals, not only do not repent, but wantonly, strong Chuang Sheng dead temple, hair straightening brush pink the crime to punish Between the words, the guard has been firmly grasp the command of the judge pen, wrist slightly doubled, in the air a hook. Moment, a horror of the road of life and death suddenly fall from the judge pen, just a hook of power, then suddenly turned into a blood, abruptly Yang Xiuchuan and night stars from the temple of life and death forced out. Pen off life and death For a moment, Wu Chi s pupil can not help but suddenly shrink a shrink. The power between this pen, almost hair straightening brush thick hair horrible to the incredible, if the face of their own hook on the power, I m afr.ring the prison when the five heavy, it has been doomed to no longer back. For a time, three people can not help but silence down, just to reach the agreement easily with the war was smoked vanished. We have no retreat. Looked up and looked at the night Shenxing and Wu Chi, Yang Xiuchuan Chen Sheng said Although here is dangerous, but it is more difficult than those who practice torture it This sentence is to make the spirit of the three are lifted. Can come here, three are in hair straightening brush thick hair the prison community in the four tortured torture, the will of the firm is not ordinary people can imagine. Heart magic hair straightening brush thick hair bridge, although dangerous, but compared to the endless death in the purgatory countless times, but a. lso considered what Continue to go The eyes reveal a touch of a firm color, the night Shen Xing slowly said No matter how dangerous the five prisoners, the probability of success through how low, but the same people did not go through it Are we really Weaker than others Able to step by step now, who is not confident of their own Even if the probability of adoption is low Even if it is only one ten thousandth chance of success, who dare say that he will not be that one ten thousand Yes, I never believe in luck, only trust the strength. Nodded his head, Yang Xiuchuan calmly said Those people, but only the losers of the year, they live, not as we are, but we can die but we hair straightening brush thick hair can fear Is not it Is so a few words of time, three mentality was re adjusted over. It sounds like it is too easy, but in fact, in this simple under the hidden is the most terrible will, strong confidence and pride. All the way forward, time seems to have completely lost its meaning Wu Chi even remember how many times they have been fighting with those who attacked, who already accumulated numerous wounds, whether it is the body or the spirit, have become unusually hair straightener brush bed bath and beyond tired. But even so, the three did not take a step back. However, it is heavy, even if the full has been more than ten days to go, just died in the hands of the three attackers have been as many as nearly a hundred people, but still can not see the end of the heart of the bridge The Under that pressure, people can not help but will have a huge pressure. If for other people, fea.

i to the day jail prison, so that Wu Chi himself can not support the death of which, but absolutely no courage to personally kill Wu Chi. Kill the sword of the brush straightener best brand true missionary disciples, and is the only one disciples, so good to kill it No matter how good he is, once dare to make such hair straightening brush thick hair things, but also absolutely die. As Wu Chi said before, Wu Chi even made a big mistake, is not he qualified to punish or even kill. Ji Yifeng then want to kill Wu Chi, can only dare not secretly calculated, not personally shot it Face livid, Chen Chang old want to once again invigorate Jian Qi, Wu Chi can be seen in the hands of the disciples, but after all, had to bear down. It s too much to see this scene. If you really let Wu Chi in this kill people, Wu Chi can not run, but he ignored the disciples of the crime of responsibility and how to run out The most critical is that he really did not dare to kill Wu Chi, even Wu Chi grid killed jail prison disciples, he also did not dare to kill Wu Chi. Now, after all, no dead, he can put things down, but once the real death of people, it is bound to disturb the cold star Jianjun. You are not a man, in the end what happened, clear, and we want to find a solution Otherwise, even if you pit dead me, it may not be able to solve the problem. Glanced at the old hatched one, Wu Chi snappily curse. Zhang Zhang mouth, hatred of the old but after all, did not speak out Honestly, things have come to this step, and he has not thought of it anyway. He only know that Wu Chi strong talent, and may be framed was imprisoned in jail, but how could not think of Wu Chi even so bold, after being wronged, dare so unscrupulous shot attack This thing has been too much trouble, and hair straightening brush thick hair big to his ignorant, but the fundamental reaction to the. Eyes swept away, Wu Chi suddenly noticed the hatred of the old man in the arms of the scarf and letter. Stature slightly flash, Wu Chi hand on the robbed over. Brow suddenly jump, Chen long heart of a cross, take care of many, suddenly probe toward the Wu Chi caught over. That letter and scarf, decided not to let Wu pool to see, or to let other pe. ople find that even take some risks, he is bound to stop Wu Chi. If on the outside, with his strength, Wu Chi nat.e prison community seven heavy. On the one hand, you can find opportunities to help Wu Chi busy. Then, if it can be close to meritorious service, until after entering the upper bound, the benefits of the natural will be more. Although the danger is some, but also the same harvest is also huge. Although the two are not as good as Wu Chi, but it is also very confident, in the upper bound on the master, they are bound to be repaired under the situation, they are not afraid of anyone Facts have proved that Xi Jun should be carefully cultivated for many years, Li Yunpeng s extremely terrible The second wave came more than a electric brush for straightening hair dozen on the upper bound of the master, but also by Li Yunpeng stopped down, paid a number of injuries at the cost of a full and nearly half were Li Yunpeng beheaded. This is already a very amazing figure. To be true, to be able to enter here, in fact, have long been beyond the upper bound of the road, but because of the dark prison into the prison, the strength was suppressed to the peak of the road only. Infuriating and strength can be suppressed, but for the road of sentiment, but it is not affected by what. Can be in these upper bounds under the siege of the master, blaze a trail. , abruptly block each other, Li Yunpeng s powerful far more than the other side of the expected. Such a character, even into the upper bound, must also be able to cut a striking figure, rather than as they are so obscure. bloody battle Xi Jun should be given to Li Yunpeng is also a dead command, as long as he is not dead, it is absolutely not let hair straightening brush thick hair anyone disturb to Xi Jun should be. However, in the bloody battle of both sides when the two figures are like small thieves generally appear in the crowd of sight. The two men did not even the slightest involvement in the meaning of those who went straight to those who were beheaded by Li Yunpeng of the body away, that posture is simply over the plucking, wait for these people s clothes are stripped off we go. who For a moment, everyone s face can not help but sank, burst of a touch of terror murderous. Who can not tolerate, where the students killed and killed, some people from the companion s body picking up things ah. Feel the other side of the murderous.nly fate. However, this possibility is too low. Slightly startled startled, middle aged eyes flashed a trace of trouble, almost wanted to directly kill the Wu Chi, just calm a bit, but after all, hair straightening brush thick hair or the pressure down the pressure. He was here for too long, and now finally encountered such a chance, if missed, who knows how long Able to comprehend million enlightenment monument, the achievements of the perfect way of the people, it is too rare. Think of this, middle school pondered a moment, this replied Do not worry, although there will be some danger, but for you, these dangers are not fatal. Shrugged, Wu Chi did not answer, but wait for the other to explain. Thought, middle school indifferent, said The cause of the cause of deep, you want to clear, really want to know This can not help but let Wu Chi slightly Yi hair straightening brush thick hair Zheng. Practice to this point, Wu Chi naturally understand the trouble involved in the cause and effect, but are to this point, but also how hair straightening brush ceramic to pick the clean Even if you want to die, I would also like to be a ghost Predecessors or that clearly good. Heard the words of Wu Chi, middle school nodded slightly, the so called dark prison community, has never been a lot of experience, in fact, as literal meaning, here is simply a huge prison. This seat is said to be the master of the prison community, but also not lie to you, because this dark prison community, itself is built for the hair straightener brush cyprus occupation of the seat. Pointing to their own, middle school indifferent said. Originally, this dark prison community is in the upper bound, the seat by virtue of supreme supernatural powers, forced to move to the lower bound, and opened up a few small world channel, attracted. To this end, this seat set up seven prison in prison, hair straightening brush thick hair set a heavy test, for, is to let these genius from the dark prison community break through the soaring. Hear this, Wu Chi heart can not help but jump. If the other side is true, then there is no doubt that the real pass is really strong, ah, their rush to come in, is absolutely unfounded. Do not care what Wu Chi think, middle aged self care of the said. Everyone, as long as the dark prison from the sky soaring, will take the power of robbery, weakening the power of a prison division.

Hair Straightening Brush Thick Hair of the seal The. seat trapped here, has enough million, the power of the seal Has long been to break the critical point. Middle aged calmly said And you are the key to break the seal of the seat. Wu Chi is not stupid, the moment to react over, because I enlightenment of the million enlightenment monument Well, nodded, middle aged Chen Sheng said The perfect achievement Kendo, your potential, far from your own imagination As long as you in hair straightening brush thick hair this prison on the seven above the soaring on the upper bound, I have Qi Cheng Grasp the opportunity to break the seal. Brow jumped, Wu Chi Chen Sheng asked Here breakthrough, I have to face the danger, I am afraid not just robbery, right To Wu Chi now the strength of the tragedy even if terrible, for his threat is actually very limited, if only so, simply not what the danger. Deeply looked at Wu Chi one, middle aged then sneered The seat said, this dark prison itself is to imprison the seat and built, once aware that the seat of a breakthrough signs, you think that the upper bound People will not intervene Hear this, Wu Chi heart suddenly Yi Chan, this really understand the over. The real danger, from the strong attack on the upper bound, rather than the tragedy itself, which is a little bit dangerous ah, is simply carrying his head to death. Your predecessors, you joke big. Shrugged his shoulders, Wu Chi said Even if I soared, but just entered the upper bound of the little people only, with those on the upper bound of the master, simply a finger will be able to die me, this is simply die Really want you to kill me. Why do you think this seat is dead Sneer a cry, middle aged proudly said Here is the lower bound, no matter what hair straightening brush before and after repair, once entered, repair will be suppressed to the point of the peak of the road, this Is the reason your seat needs you. The peak of the road Is not Wu pool exaggerated, and now the achievements of the perfect Kendo, Wu Chi has almost stood the pinnacle of the world, if the other side of the repair is also suppressed in the peak of the road, then Wu Chi did not fear anyone. After the breakout of the space barrier, the seat needs an hour to break the seal As long as you hold this time, the seat will be able to break the storm, that.s only one step can be completely shaped, into the demon of the column. Even if everyone is in the peak state, encountered such a wolf demon, I m afraid it may not be able to win, not to mention, now several people have been very poor state, the odds are even smaller. The most important thing is wolves are always gregarious Even the wolf demon, also did not change this habit. So that the time to speak, surrounded by at least dozens of wolf demon around, although the strength is far better than the first wolf demon, but for everyone, but also enough to fatal. For a time, everyone s heart can not help but sink into the bottom. Just just off the demon will chase, do not want to blink of an eye, and fell into such a dead, which is simply not to the slightest way ah. For a time, a few people can not help but raised a touch of despair. Even if it is cloud Dutch, and now some fear of the. Now able to really keep calm, but is the worst repair of Wu Chi and Li Yunpeng. These two people is really from the blood of the dead mountains out of the sea, and now the situation is dangerous, but in the lower bound of the time than this more dangerous desperate, nor is not encountered. Naturally can not let the two panicked. Want to kill us, I wonder if you are going to pay what kind of price Put a waved, Wu Chi slowly take a step, proudly open Road. Pooh But just stepped into the stars only, roll Swept a Wu Chi, that wolf de. mon disdain to drink curse, attention has always been in the cloud of the body. Now so many people, really can make it feel a trace of a sense of threat, and only one person only cloud. In fact, if not some fear cloud load, I am afraid it will not speak, up directly on the hands of the. Just the movement, do not you feel it Sneer a cry, Wu Chi Chen Sheng said I brothers and demon will still be able to deal with, to kill you easy Since you know that we are Wanjianzong disciples, it should be aware that once we fall into danger, there will be a master in the door to come to the rescue. If there is no magic demon, naturally can not communicate, Since it has been completed, can speak, then there is the possibility of delaying the threat. Now this situation, Wu Chi than anyone else know that the.

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