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Detroit Casinos Morphing Motor City Into Gambling City

Monday, August 6th, 2007

The days of Detroit being known as motor city with rappers and thugs (and both) aspiring to be the next Eminem may be replaced with something else — gambling in style.

Detroit is the next casino destination. A decade ago this may have been difficult to believe, but now the thought of Madonna performing a homecoming gig at the MGM Grand Detroit isn’t too far off. Yes kids, Madonna was from Detroit.

And as it is, Michigan’s identity is getting a revamp. For years, four major casinos operate in Detroit — MGM, Motor City casino, Greektown and Windsor Casino across the Detroit River in Ontario.

transformers_optimus_01.jpgMGM is probably the most major of them all, with its Grand Celebrity Room frequented by famous folks the likes of Rasheed Wallace playing high stakes Baccarat.Many Detroit wage earners have also traded their welding equipment to cards and chips taking jobs in the casinos. Bye-bye to oil and grease, baby.

And that’s all about to get better as a new player is about to take a huge bite off the Michigan gambling market. Four Winds Casino Resort, a new…

Macau Casinos Like StarWorld Challenge Las Vegas Invasion

Sunday, October 29th, 2006

Irony: Macau gambling will surpass Las Vegas, thanks to Las Vegas investors in Macau.

News has floated all year that Macau will overtake Las Vegas in gambling revenue by 2007. What does not enjoy as much spotlight is that Las Vegas casino gambling investors themselves are causing much of this income boost. Local China-based casino operators are not about to sit back; raising the stakes with new casino developments of their own, like the new StarWorld casino hotel, a new game is on.

macau-casino.jpgMacau is the newest darling of casino gamblers. It is a fast-rising hotspot for Asian highrollers’ favorite game of baccarat, the most popular gambling game in the region. Gamblers are additionally drawn to Macau casinos for the tourist novelty of its homegrown gambling games like fantan and daisiu – the thinking is you will find Las Vegas games in Macau but you won’t find Macau games in Las Vegas.

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A spike in gambling earnings started to show in Macau in 2001, when casino licenses were first offered to foreign casino operators. Among them have been Las Vegas investors Sheldon Adelson, with his Sands Macau, and Steve Wynn, with his Wynn Resorts

Atlantic City Casinos’ New Poster Boys Can Cook

Friday, July 7th, 2006
Stars are arriving at Atlantic City not on the red carpet but through the kitchen door.

Forget casino gambling celebrities like Jersey boy Ben Affleck or, uhrm, slots millionaire J Lo’s mom. The newest Atlantic City hotel casino A-listers are Georges Perrier, Wolfgang Puck, Bobby Flay, and Michael Mina.

Indeed, celebrity chefs and restaurateurs are the new toque of the town this side of New Jersey. AC is continuing a trend started by Las Vegas in the ’90s to make way to the casino gambler’s heart through the stomach. You can catch a sighting at Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa, and Caesars Atlantic City Hotel and Casino.

Borgata is widely regarded to have pulled the plug on much of old-world Atlantic City hotel casino gaming. It appears this included fine dining that’s just about as exciting as the jousting spectacles at the medieval-themed Camelot in Resorts Atlantic City Casino Hotel.

A recurrent venue of the World Poker Tour, Borgata introduced casino gamblers and WPT poker players to some regionally known restaurateurs. Susanna Foo is the name behind its resto Suilan, Specchio and Ombra are both by Luke Palladino, and Old Homestead by Greg and Marc Sherry.

Georges Perrier is the first stellar name to be attached to Atlantic City hotel casino…

Atlantic City Casinos Told To Close Shop

Monday, July 3rd, 2006

Once again the casinos get caught between political catfights.

The governor of New Jersey has ordered Atlantic City Casinos to shut down after the Legislature failed to adopt a budget by its July 1 deadline. The order is to take effect on Wednesday at 8am, a day after the July 4 celebration.

The story is that State badly needs to find ways to overcome a $4.5 billion budget deficit. Its governor, Jon S. Corzine, proposed to increase state sales tax from 6 percent to 7 percent, which his fellow Democrats are shooting down.

Why, not because they care that NJ now has one of the highest sales Donald Trump Atlantic City   Casinostax in the US, but mostly because they fear a backlash from voters. But with no budget passed on July 1, the state is left without money to spend.

Ergo, the governor has shut down nonessential government services and hitting the gaming industry hardest. And producing more problems for New Jersey.

If the shutdown takes place, the state would lose an estimated $2 million in tax revenue each day they stayed closed. Republican Assemblyman Francis Blee, whose district includes the casinos, said it was important for them to remain open.

And while Corzine fights with his fellow Democrats, 45,000 state employees were…

Memo To Casinos: $50 a Night Room Rates May Attract Assholes

Tuesday, November 15th, 2005

harrahs2.jpgA California man can(and will) sue Harrah’s company in his home state for false advertising and deceptive business practices because, well, apparently he’s super fucking cheap. Grumpy Californian Frank Snowney filed suit in 2002 after claiming he booked a reservation at a Harrah’s resort in 2001 advertised at $50 a night plus room tax. Following his hotel stay, Snowney complained that he was assessed a $3 energy surcharge that Harrah’s had not disclosed when he booked the room. This is apparently grounds for "deceptive business practices." We’re assuming Snowney’s the type of guy that also bitches about the added gratuity at Dallas BBQ.

Remainders: Casinos Get Cheaper, Lost and Found, and The Borg Express

Wednesday, September 21st, 2005

· The sky is falling! Well, casino stock prices are – but on the plus side, it’s because room rate prices are dropping. [Reuters] · Headline reads: “Gamblers left $38 million at Argosy casino last month.” Think if we show up to the lost-and-found with a description of small green bills with Benji Franklin on […]

Monte Carlo’s Casinos – Don’t Check-Raise the Guy Petting the Cat

Tuesday, September 6th, 2005

connery.jpg We look stupid in white tuxedos, but there’s something to be said for gambling next to someone in more formal attire than a Dale Jarrett T-shirt and cargo shorts. The Boston Herald sent a writer to Monaco, where she visits a fancy casino and files a quick report:

I don’t even play the lottery, but as a James Bond fan, I simply had to follow his lead and test my luck in the famed Casino de Monte-Carlo, giving myself a strict limit of $20 (about 16 euros)

I’m sure Double-Oh-Seven would appreciate her sense of adventure, what with the riskiness of gambling all that money. We’re pretty sure you couldn’t play a hand of baccarat for under 20 euros in a famed and fabled casino,

Remainders: Jethro, Namibian Tourism, and Casinos Clean Up

Thursday, August 11th, 2005

· Following up on yesterday’s piece, Max “Jethro Bodine” Baer Jr. is granted his license to open a Beverly Hillbillies-themed casino. Mr. Drysdale to provide financing. [Las Vegas Sun] · Community leaders express concern, even though gambling is now entrenched in West Virginia. It’ll take a lot of Wheeling and dealing to get rid of […]

BetCasinoSports.Com Called Deadbeats

Thursday, July 28th, 2005

One of the best parts about Gambling911 are its noble efforts to keep online gamblers updated about the shady dealings and detestable means of many online gambling houses(READ: stiffing players of their winnings). But they’re always so polite. So, we on the other hand were raised by wolves and lack any self-esteem. According to Gambling911, […]

State of the States Shows Casinos Stil Make More Money Than God

Friday, July 22nd, 2005

What’s more fun then reading through a bunch of crunched numbers about casino profits from the last year? We think it ranks up there with walking around in wet clothes during a snow storm, losing your car keys, or stubbing your toe. But just remember there are accountants in the world that would compare it […]



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